Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Today was a little work, some sightseeing, and a great dinner with friends.  I paid the bills this morning, and Marilyn did some cleaning.  After lunch, we went to see the Union Stations Museums in Ogden, UT.  Indoors, they have most of the guns designed by Browning, an old car museum, and a railroad museum.  They have pictures and artifacts related to the meeting of the Union Pacific and Santa Fe railroads in Utah, models of those railroads, and the safe that the Golden Spike was stored in.  Outdoors, they several locomotives and other rail cars.  We had a guided tour of the indoor rail museum.  One of the guide’s stories was that the Mormon Church loaned money to Union Pacific, which they refused to repay.  In NY, the CEO of Union Pacific said that the church could have all of the left over parts at Promontory Point.  Brigham Young accepted the payment because he wanted a railroad built down to Ogden.

These first pictures are views from the Elks Lodge in Bountiful, UT, from 5/1/2011. View from the Elks, Bountiful, UTView from the Elks, Bountiful, UT

Next are a couple of pictures of the Museum at Hill Air Force Base taken 5/3/2011.Museum at Hill AFB, Roy, UTMuseum at Hill AFB, Roy, UT

Then here are pictures taken at Union Station, in Ogden on 5/4/2011. Union Station Museums, Ogden, UTUnion Station Museums, Ogden, UTUnion Station Museums, Ogden, UTUnion Station Museums, Ogden, UT

Finally, we had a evening out to dinner with Sharon and Don Del Rosario.  Larry and Marilyn, Sharon and Don Del Rosario

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  1. Brings back a lot of memories when we visited there eons ago.....thanks for blogging... keep the news of your travels coming! Great job!