Monday, October 29, 2012

Monday, October 29, 2012

Blog posts may be few and far between for the next few weeks.  Yesterday, we left Jekyll Island, GA, and drove to Sumter Oaks RV Park in Bushnell, FL.  We will be here until the 8th of November, when we move to Paradise Oaks in Bushnell for the Chapter 57 rally.  The trip down was uneventful.  The wind was a little gusty, but manageable.  We arrived at Sumter Oaks in time for the Escapees 4:00 Ice Cream Social (they have ice cream for you to purchase at a dollar per scoop).  Today, we drove to Winn Dixie, our storage unit, and WalMart.  We brought the satellite dish back from the storage unit, and now can watch TV, including the Orlando local stations.

That is all of the excitement for now.

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

I was chastised this evening after dinner by Rich Coppens for not having written a blog since the 11th.  The Georgia Tara Travelers (Escapees Chapter 16) lasted from the 11th to the 14th.  We had 5 RVs and a total of 11 people.  It was a nice group.IMG_0048IMG_0049IMG_0050IMG_0051IMG_0052  We had happy hours at 4pm; a delicious lasagna dinner prepared by one of our members; a business meeting on Friday morning; a tour of the Misty Mountain Model Railroad;IMG_0067IMG_0071IMG_0072IMG_0073IMG_0081IMG_0083IMG_0103 dinner at Steve’s Steakhouse; the Blairsville Sorghum Festival on Saturday;IMG_0104IMG_0105IMG_0107IMG_0110IMG_0111 a fabulous potluck dinner;IMG_0114 and finally Hitches and Hugs after a continental breakfast on Sunday morning.

Sunday afternoon we went out to dinner with Mike Berkman.

On Monday, the 15th, we left Blairsville and drove to Columbus, GA via Rome and US 27.  It was the start of a wonderful week with our son, Doug.  He took us out to dinner several times with his girlfriend.  On Saturday, the 20th, Doug, Marilyn and I went to Stone Mountain GA for the Highland Games.20121020_110243 They had 28 pipe and drum bands playing on the field at once during the opening ceremonies.20121020_123541

On Monday morning, we left Columbus and drove to the Jekyll Island Campground.  Jekyll Island is one of those places where the super-rich from the beginning of the last century had their summer homes.  Wallace Lewis and several of his buddies organized a week of shrimping, and invited us to join in.  Tuesday evening we all went shrimping, and then gathered for a potluck dinner.20121023_173658  Marilyn was taking pictures with my phone, and had to take one of this pelican.20121023_184201  This morning (Wednesday) some made it back to the beach to start shrimping at 6:30am.  I didn’t make it until about 8am.  After de-heading the shrimp, they were put in plastic storage bags.20121024_11054620121024_110557  Then, this evening it was time to have a shrimp boil.  Here is Bennitt stirring the pot.  20121024_170830  Now it is time to lay out the spread, and eat.  20121024_17341120121024_17353320121024_174751

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Thursday, October 11, 2012

My last post was dated incorrectly.  It said Wednesday, October 12 and of course that can not be since the 12th is tomorrow – Friday.  As it turned out, the date should have been Wednesday the 3rd.  We had left Red Bay, and were spending the night in Fort Payne, AL. 2012-10-02 Red Bay to Fort Payne - Microsoft Streets & Trips 10102012 124541 PM.bmp

We left Fort Payne on the 4th, and drove to Etowah River Campground, a Passport America park, near Dahlonega, GA for 5 nights.  2012-10-04 fort payne to dahlonega - Microsoft Streets & Trips 10102012 123942 PM.bmp  This park should never be compared to a resort.  The entrance road, and interior roads are very narrow, dirt, and the Top of the World Highway was smooth compared to these.  The park did have good 50amp service, good water and sewer, but had too many barking dogs.  It was good that we did not spend much time there except to sleep – won’t go back.

Friday the 5th we drove the Jeep to Cumming, GA to visit Pete and Mitzi Hull, and after Margaritas at La Cazuela, we spent the night and continued our visit most of Saturday.

Sunday the 7th in the afternoon, we drove the Jeep to Young Harris, GA to visit Mike Berkman, one of the ushers at our wedding.  Then on Monday, we did our WalMart shopping for the rally.

Tuesday, the 9th,, we finally left Etowah River CG and drove US 19 up to Blairsville, GA to get ready for the Escapees Chapter 16 rally.  Wednesday, the 11th, we did some more shopping.  The rally registrations started out with 9 rigs, and then they started to cancel.  Three have dropped out due to health reasons, which means we have purchased too much food.  Oh well it will still be fun to visit friends.  We did have a good happy hour last night with Dick and Elaine Marshall.

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Wednesday, October 12, 2012

Yesterday. we spent our time trying to find out if our extended warranty had approved the work on our slide and water pump.  Finally, after lunch, Cassandra said all had been approved, so we had to track down Pete to find out when we would return to a bay for the repairs.  He said he thought we would be back in about 7 in the morning.  As we were getting ready for our 4pm social at Brenda and Dave Neil’s, Pete said we would be going into Bay 32 instead of returning to Bay 31.  I said it did not matter to us.

Our 4pm social at Brenda and Dave’s included several people.  Bennett and Bea Mason, Marty and Peggy McCauley, Gene and Annette Stout, and Eddy (Bea and Bennett’s neighbor) all gathered under Dave and Brenda’s awning. Brenda said we would not need to have dinner after her h’orderves, and she was right.  We had cheese and crackers, deviled eggs, sandwiches, grapes, pie, etc. 

Marilyn and I went to bed early, because we had to get up at 5:30am to move the motorhome to the bay at 6:45.  We hit Subway for breakfast again.  Here is a picture of our slide while it was being worked on (out and jacked up).  photo

This morning, they replaced the slide motor, slide shafts, idler shafts, and the water pump.  We tested the slide before we backed out of the bay.  Next, we went back in to site 53 to dump gray, add fresh water and have lunch.  When we tested the water pump, it would not shut off.  We finally ran some water from each faucet, and found out that there must have been air in the lines, because the pump has not run every 10 minutes like it did before replacement.  The best part of this trip to Red Bay was that our extended warranty paid 3/4 of our $1200 bill.  Of course we did spend more money in Red Bay including the 4 new tires on the Jeep, and the oil & lube job on the motorhome.

We left Red Bay around 1:00pm and drove until about 4pm.  We have stopped to spend the night at WalMart in Fort Payne, AL. 

As another friend said, We Are Free (of Red Bay) until we make our next pilgrimage. 

Monday, October 1, 2012

Monday, October 1, 2012

Saturday, we did get to go to the Rattlesnake Saloon with Brenda and Dave Neil.  The saloon is only open Thursday through Sunday during this time of the year.  You get to drive towards Tuscumbia, AL further out into the middle of no-where.  After getting out in their parking lot, you get to ride in the back of their pickup truck down a narrow steep windy trail to the restaurant (if you can call it that).  Here is a picture of people getting out of the truck.  photo 1

The Rattlesnake Saloon has outdoor seating under a cave-like area.  photo 3photo 5

When we arrived, there were no empty tables in the outdoor area, so we went inside.  photo 2photo 4

After returning to the motorhome, we received a phone call from Camp Red Bay’s campground office stating that we should go to Bay 31, Monday morning at 6:45am to have our motorhome repaired.

Sunday, the 30th, we worked around the motorhome after our walk.  We also went to the Dollar Store for some birthday cards, and Piggly Wiggly for some groceries.

This morning, Monday the 1st of October, I set the alarm for 5:30am, and we went to Bay 31 at 6:45.  After leaving the motorhome, we went to Subway for breakfast.  Most of the problems were fixed quickly, however, we were sent back to our campground site around 9:30.  They said due to cost they had to contact our extended warranty, and wait for permission to do the work, replacing the driver’s side slide motor, tow slide shafts and the water pump.  We would rather continue living at Camp Red Bay if our extended warranty will pay for most of our bill.  We still would like to get out by the end of the week.  I will go back in the morning to check with Billy for where we are in line.