Friday, November 30, 2012

Friday, November 30, 2012

Frank and Maureen Hallday came to Daytona Beach RV Resort on Tuesday, the 27th.  We enjoyed being able to sit around and talk with them and Larry & Carolyn Jarvis.  For dinner, we headed back to Martin’s Restaurant & Lounge for more prime rib.  Here are some pictures of the beach, and dinner.  20121127_17224320121127_18001320121127_18002520121127_180051

On Wednesday, we on the shore at Daytona Beach.  Since Larry Jarvis had a handicap licard, we didn’t even have to pay the $5 to drive on the beach.  The beach is public, but the hotels limit the number of places where you can actually get on to the beach. 20121128_131859

Thursday, the 29th we had to say goodbye to Frank and Maureen as they headed back to Sumter Oaks in Bushnell, FL.  For dinner, we heated a ham steak on the grill, and used more of our leftovers from Thanksgiving.

Today is Red Shirt Friday.  We walked, breakfast, and around 11 we headed to Titusville so we could have lunch at Dixie Crossroads where they are famous for their Rock Shrimp.  20121130_12012120121130_120221

I, along with Marilyn and Larry Jarvis had the rock shrimp.  Carolyn had a Maine lobster.  Here is a picture of the rock shrimp and fries.  20121130_124657

On the way back to Daytona Beach, we drove along the Black Point Wildlife Drive where we saw many different kinds of birds (Roseate Spoonbills, herons, coots, etc.) and a couple of alligators.  It was a nice drive.

Type at you later.

Sunday, November 25, 2012

Thursday, November 22 to Sunday, November 25, 2012

We had an absolutely wonderful Thanksgiving Day.  Marilyn and Carolyn Jarvis spent the day getting dinner ready.  Carolyn roasted the turkey between our two rigs.  20121122_133358  Here they have all of the dishes set out so we can start “dipping” (as they say in South Carolina) our plates for all of the fixin’s.  20121122_153052  Next, we start actually filling our plates.  20121122_15315920121122_153238  There was definitely more than we could eat at that meal.  In addition to the turkey, mashed sweet potatoes, mashed white potatoes, string beans, stuffing, gravy, cranberry sauce, etc., Marilyn made a delicious Pumpkin Cheese Cake Pie.

Friday, we drove up to Marineland.  20121123_160652  For our admission of $15.50 for two, we got a tour of the current dolphin tanks plus some historical information.  Marineland’s focus is educating people about the Atlantic Bottlenose Dolphin.  The place is under construction (rebuilding).  It does have  nice  views of the Atlantic Ocean.  20121123_143433   Since we had had a big BBQ lunch out, we had turkey sandwiches for dinner. 

Saturday, the ladies went shopping while Larry and I did some work around the house.  Dinner was leftovers, and they were still a great feast. 20121124_183634

Sunday, after ordering some Rx’s and having our mail sent once more to the campground here in Daytona Beach, we drove to the Canaveral National Sea Shore where we toured the Historic Eldora House.  It has been rebuilt as a reminder of a little village that grew in the 1890s and died in the early 1900s.  20121125_15362620121125_154450  Lunch was at JB’s Fish House with fried oysters, fried grouper sandwiches, and a scallop basket.  All were wonderful.

One last picture.  It is beginning to look a lot like Christmas in the Forbes’ house.  20121125_180236

Now it is cocktails and blog, and neither of us is hungry for dinner after that big lunch.

Type at you later.

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Monday, November 12, 2012 to Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Monday, November 12, we moved the motorhome from Bushnell, FL to Port Orange, FL on the East Coast.  We are parked in Daytona Beach RV Resort.  (Last January, we went to the Tampa RV Super Show where we picked up a coupon for a month at a Carefree Resort for $200 plus electric.  The sites are not big, but the price is right).  Larry & Carolyn Jarvis are our next door neighbors for the month.  We started of right with an afternoon beer, and dinner together.

Tuesday, Marilyn and I walked the campground – up, down and around for about 3 miles in the morning. I worked on the chapter 57 membership.  Then we drove to Regions bank so Larry J could make a chapter 57 deposit.  We went for a ride up A1A with a stop at WalMart.  We were able to sit out for Happy Hour because the weather was so nice.

Wednesday, the 14th, Marilyn and I walked another 3 miles in the AM (Clyde Morris Blvd has nice sidewalks, and long blocks between lights).  Larry and Larry got the books caught up for chapter 57, and we grilled pork chops for dinner.

Thursday, the 15th.  Another 3 mile walk.  The weather has turned cool, and misty.  I started working on new websites for the chapters – free sites at, similar to Cindy Devonshire’s – she is the one who suggested Weebly to me.  For dinner, we went to Martin’s Restaurant & Lounge at 2000 South Oceanshore Blvd in Flagler Beach for some of the best prime rib available anywhere.  The regular cut is thick and so big that the 4 of us each brought half home.  Of course we didn’t bring any of the salad, baked potato or veggies home with us.  We plan a return trip before our month at Daytona Beach is over.

Friday the 16th through Sunday the 18th.  The weather continued cool, but we still were able to walk our 3 miles.  Marilyn and Carolyn shopped the area’s thrift stores.  Larry & Larry started computer shopping, and Larry Jarvis bought a replacement for his old XP.  We found an 17 inch HP with Windows 8, 4g of ram, and a 500g hard drive in the right price range.  Of course we both have to learn to use Win 8 on his machine.

Monday, the 19th.  More cool and misty weather – not the beach weather we ordered.  Worked on setting up Larry’s computer.  Marilyn wrapped xmas gifts so we can get them in the mail.  I managed to get Larry’s old printer to work with Win 8.  In the afternoon, we toured the Daytona Beach chocolate factory – wonderful samples.

Tuesday the 20th.  I managed to load MS Office 2003 on Larry’s new computer.  In the afternoon, Healthy Tanks of Titusville, FL came to give our Phaeton a colonoscopy.  Stuff came out, and the monitor lights work again.  We had received a certificate at last year’s SKP ACRE fir the service.  They do a nice job, and even flushed our hot waster tank.  It was time for another dinner out, so, after a winey happy hour, we went to Manny’s Pizza House in Daytona Beach because we had coupons.  The lasagna and spaghetti were delicious, and Marilyn and I have leftovers for Wednesday night.  After dinner we shopped at Target.

Wednesday, the 21st.  We had to get up early and drive back to Tavares, FL for my 10:30 sleep doctor appointment – no problems – see you next fall.  Then we drove to Southeast Power Systems in Orlando.  Our US Gear Auxiliary Brake System in the Jeep had quit working in early October when we were in Blairsville, GA.  It was an electrical power unit – $200 plus installation in just a few minutes.  Then we drove back to Daytona Beach.  Definitely a Manhattan night.

Sunday, November 11, 2012

Sunday, November 11, 2012

We have been very busy since I last wrote on October 29th.

On Tuesday, the 30th, we walked in the morning, then went to the dentist for cleaning after lunch.  Then, Marilyn got a Publix fix.  The place where we buy and ship oranges in Sumterville was not open for the season yet.

Wednesday, the 31st, we walked after breakfast.  Our friends, Terry & Phil Tobin arrived and we had a good visit.  After dinner, we went to the clubhouse for BYO wine and cheese to welcome the change in staff at Sumter Oaks.

Thursday, the 1st of November, was the first Florida Escapees lunch at the Golden Corral in Clermont, FL.  We had a good crowd so we had plenty of friends to visit with.  Marilyn’s cousin, Paul, was there with his wife, Peg.  Terry and Phil rode with us.  Back in Bushnell, we picked up our mail – it included a jury summons for Larry in Crestview, FL (our mail service location).  The summons was for 11/26, so I was able to defer it until the 10th of December.  We will only have to cut our month in Daytona by 4 days to get out to Crestview which is near Pensacola.

Friday, the 2nd, we had to get up early in order to get to our Doctor’s by 9am in Eustis, FL.  He said we are still basically healthy.  Still have to wait for the blood test results.  After lunch (finally got a Chick-fil-A fix), we got to go back near our old residence in Mid-Florida-Lakes to visit our old neighbors – Ray and Barbara Handshaw.  It is always wonderful to visit them.

Saturday, the 3rd, we worked around the house in the morning.  After lunch, we drove to the Villages to visit with Pete and Mitzi Hull.  We also made stops at Sam’s Club, ABC Liquors and Home Depot.  Pete grilled chicken and potatoes for dinner, and after dinner they brought out some Pumpkin Pie Cream Liqueur.  It was so good, that Tuesday, we bought two bottles for ourselves.

Sunday, the 4th, we went to visit with Charles and Nancy Elkins.  We had a late lunch at Grillsmiths.  They, and Marilyn each had a salmon filet, while I had a delicious crab and shrimp cake burger. 

Monday, the 5th, I washed the Jeep and motorhome.  We had a social hour with Wallace and Wanda, us and the Jarvis’s.  Marilyn was too tired to cook, so we, along with Larry and Carolyn went to Coyote Rojo for delicious Mexican food.

Tuesday, the 6th, up early so we could once again drive to Eustis, FL.  This time we had blood drawn for blood tests.  Then Marilyn had a hair cut, we did some shopping, put some different flowers in the sconce at Marilyn’s parents’ crypt.  Up to the Villages for an early dinner with Pete and Mitzi at one of the county clubs.  After dinner we all went to the Savannah Center for a Phil Dirt & The Dozers concert.  They put on a wonderful show of 50’s and 60’s music.  After the show, we went back to Hull’s for toasted almonds (3/4 cup of Kahlua, 1/2 cup of Amoretto, and 2 cups of half and half cream).

Wednesday, the 7th, we moved  the house to Paradise Oaks RV Resort in Bushnell, FL for the Escapees Chapter 57 Fall Rally.  After our initial social hour, we went to Howie’s for dinner with Larry & Carolyn.  Wednesday was delicious all you can eat spaghetti.

Thursday, the 8th, was actually the first day of the rally.  Marilyn and I got to start the day by driving to Tavares, FL to have our eyes checked.  We are both getting new bifocal glasses.  I decided to try just the bifocals for easier reading, and will keep my progressives for driving, etc.  Marilyn has enjoyed the bifocals that she got last year.  We were back to Bushnell for lunch, after which I helped with registration, and Marilyn set up the first time attendee’s adoptions.

Friday and Saturday, the 9th and 10th were normal rally days which are always fun.  We did have a CARE Silent Auction.  2012-11-10 CARE Auction  This was followed by a Hillbilly Costume Contest.  2012-11-10 Costume contest etc

Sunday, the 11th.  We, along with a large group of Chapter 57 rally attendees,  once again attended the Veteran’s Day Ceremony a the Florida National Cemetery at the 11th hour of the 11th day of the 11th month of 2012.  It was another very moving ceremony.  Here is a collage of attendees.  2012-11-11 Veteran's Day Ceremony  When asked by the Keynote Speaker, we even had a Medal of Honor recipient stand up to be recognized.  After the ceremony, we all gathered a a park for a picnic of hotdogs, hamburgers and fixings.  I also made a collage of my pictures at the picnic.  2011-11-11 Picnic in the Park