Thursday, May 29, 2014


Yesterday we extended our stay here at Camp Michawana until Monday morning. About 2pm we picked up Dave and Maureen and drove over to Jimmy and Penny Hamman’s for a fish dinner.


IMG_20140528_154233_926 IMG_20140528_154256_514 IMG_20140528_154353_093 IMG_20140528_154403_973

Jimmy took us (Penny’s Mom, Maureen., Marilyn and myself for a pontoon boat ride around Wall Lake. Then, after shooting the breeze for a while, it was tome to go home.

Type at you later.

Wednesday, May 28, 2014


Yesterday Dave and Maureen stopped and picked us up for a drive in to Kalamazoo. Along the way, we stopped in Delton to pick up our mail – nothing important..

After Dave’s blood test and a stop at their daughter’s to drop off a bird’s nest, we went to Nell’s brewery for lunch.IMG_20140527_133504_988

This selfie of Marilyn, Maureen, Dave and myself wasn’t too bad considering the inside lighting. Dave and I had the Pub Dip (roast beef sub and au jus), Marilyn and Mareen each had a grilled cheese. Marilyn also had asparagus soup. We all said our food and beer were great.IMG_20140527_123459_977

Here is an organ on the wall.IMG_20140527_123254_976

As we were leaving, one of the arriving patrons took a picture of the four of us on the front steps.IMG_20140527_133531_660

When we got back to Dave and Maureen’s, we had happy hour and dinner. Jimmy and Penny Hamann also joined us.

Tuesday, May 27, 2014


We left Elkhart Campground yesterday around 11am and drove to Michiana Campground near Hastings, Michigan. We stopped for lunch, and, as usual, did a USA Today crossword puzzle together. So, it was around 2pm by the time we checked in to the campground. After getting set up, we drove over to Dave and Maureen Lubke’s, and had a great visit catching up. We and Maureen’s homemade spaghetti. What more could we want.

This morning, i remembered that I had not changed my location in I tried, but its spellchecker did not like the name of the park where we are, Michiana Campground. So, still has us checked in to Elkhart Campground. Since Nick Russell’s blog said that he broke, I will try to remember to try to change it again tomorrow.

Monday, May 26, 2014


Yesterday morning we went to Callahan’s for breakfast with Bryan and Jane Rose, Gary and Mary Olson, and Pete and Jo Peters. Mine was a great meat lover’s breakfast skillet, and I have enough left for tomorrow.

This afternoon we spent sitting outside with the Rose’s and Olson’s. After dinner, Marilyn and I sat outside with the Olson’s for a little while until the bugs chased is in.

For dessert, we each had a cinnamon caramel donut from Rise N. Roll.

This morning our week at Elkhart Campground comes to an end, and we will have to say goodbye to Gary and Mary Olson, and to Bryan and Jane Rose. We will be driving to Michewana Campground near Hastings Michigan. It is a long 81 mile drive, but we will get to see our adopted parents (Dave and Maureen Lubke) from Escapees’ Chapter 6.

Type at you later.

Sunday, May 25, 2014


This morning after our normal reading of email, Facebook, blogs and newspapers, we loaded into Gary and Mary Olson’s Jeep for a tour of the area. First stop was the Wakarusa Dime Store, followed by a drive through the countryside to Shipshewana.

We had to wait for car before we could pass, so took a picture of the back of this buggy.IMG_20140524_113908_324-001

A team of horses pulling a wagon, pulling a hay baler.IMG_20140524_114844_386-001

Driving around, there are many signs to watch out for buggies.IMG_20140524_115106_431-001

We stopped at E&S Sales, a bulk food retailer, and took a picture of all of these buggies tied up along the side of the store.IMG_20140524_122659_474-001

Next stop was at this cheese store where we grazed on samples.IMG_20140524_123730_542

After the cheese, we stopped at RiseN’Ro’'ll for lunch. I had the Crazy Man Sub, and we all had their most delicious broccoli and cauliflower salad.

At 5pm we joined Curtis, from RVillage, and several other couples for a potluck get-together. We had  great time swapping stories and making new friends.

Friday, May 23, 2014


Yesterday, Marilyn slept in because she wasn’t feeling well. When she did get up she said she felt lousy enough to see a doctor. So we went to the CVS Minute Clinic in Mishawaka. The nurse practicianer said she had a bad sinus infection, so we got some new pills, and she feels a little better this morning. we did stop at WalMart to shop and fad a McD’ lunch. Last stop on the way home was Dollar Tree for a thinking of you card.

When we got back to the motorhome I dropped Marilyn off for a nap so I could go next door to check on our toilet parts. Anthony said the last one was due to be delivered later in the afternoon. I picked up the parts about 4:30, so I get to fix the toilet today.

The pills have helped Marilyn feel better this morning, but she is still very tired.

I do need to mention that the Android OS update to my phone seems to have made it a lot faster.

Two people have been unable to follow my attempted facebook post, and the blog is not in Blogger, so I get to publish again. It is now after lunch. The john is fixed. Marilyn is tired, but feeling better. The neighborhood changed again. Bryan and Jane Rose have moved in next to us. Happy hour circle is growing.

Type at you later.

Thursday, May 22, 2014


It is a beautiful sunny 65 degree morning at 9:30am here in Elkhart, IN. Marilyn is just getting up because she has a cold and does not fell well.

Yesterday morning I installed led strips in one of the 18” light fixtures. Then I started updating the Ch. 57 web site, but before finishing, it was time for lunch. After lunch I went to get my phone and found that Verizon had an Android operating system update for my phone to the 4.4.2 KitKat version. As I pushed the start update button, I noticed that I had voice mail, but could not hear it for about 15 minutes or so while the phone was updating.

Al, from LaGrange Jeep, left a message that the Jeep was ready. So Marilyn and I went to pick it up, and are glad to have it back. I did not enjoy driving their old 203000 mile Dodge Caravan. on the. way back to Elkhart, we visited with Joan and Richard again.

Before signing off, here is a picture of our new Lambright’s chair, set up in our living room. I took the picture with my Surface Pro 2.LARRYSP2 - WIN_20140522_092302

Type at you later.

Tuesday, May 20, 2014


Last night we had a wonderful happy hour followed by dinner with Mary and Gary Olson, and Sharon and Don del Rosario. This morning, we drove to Shipshewana to visit with Joan and Richard Micelli. Upon arrival, I was unable to remove the ignition key from the Jeep. I made a 3:30 appointment with the Jeep dealer in LaGrange, IN. We had a wonderful visit and lunch with Joan and Richard, and with Jo and Pete Peters. Lunch was at a wonderful restaurant called Tiffany’s. After lunch I picked up our new chair from Lambright’s. Joan had apple pie and ice cream for us, after which I drove to the Jeep dealer in LaGrange. They were unable to repair our ignition switch, but will replace it tomorrow. They loaned me a van to drive home with the new chair. It is very comfortable.

Type at you later.

Monday, May 19, 2014


Since writing last, Marilyn and I had a wonderful time at the Escapade. Our staff position was that of Door Prize Coordinators. We sorted and grouped the door prizes so that we gave out about 30 per night, with each worth at least $50. Since we had over 1000 attendees, not everyone could receive a door prize in the 20 minutes we had each night.

We thoroughly enjoyed seeing so many of the friends we have met all over the country as a result of traveling in an RV. we were also lucky to make many new friends. The last night of the Escapade we went out to dinner with Susie and Denny Orr, the Escapees Chapter Directors. That gave us a chance to say we missed working with them like we had in so many previous Escapades.

We signed up to be next year’s Escapade Door Prize Coordinators in Tucson, in March. Both the Directors (Molly and Bob) and Assistant Directors (Wanda and Wallace) told us to do so.

Saturday, after hitches and hugs, we went to the Escapees’ VCR (Volunteer Club Representative) workshop to discuss how to help chapters grow. We all went for an Amish family style dinner put on in a building by a single Amish family next to their home.

Sunday morning Marilyn and I walked around saying goodbye to many of our friends before driving back to the Elkhart Campground. Mary and Gary Olson joined us here at Elkhart Campground after they left the Escapade.

This morning, Monday, we drove to Bontragers Surplus in White Pigeon, MI looking for parts for our toilet that they did not have. Then we went Lambright’s and ordered a new chair to be picked up tomorrow. They told us about Emma’s Warehouse, but they did not have the parts either. On the way back to Elkhart, we stopped at Rise ‘n Roll to buy a pie, eat some samples, and have a delicious lunch of half sandwich plus chicken noodle soup.

We were finally able to order the parts next door to Elkhart Campground.

Type at you later.

Sunday, May 11, 2014


I guess it is time to write again.

We had a good time while we were at Elkhart Campground because we many friends to visit with at happy hour, going out to dinner, and just stopping by.

On Friday, we drove to the Elkhart County 4H Fairgrounds for the Escapade. I thought I would be able to drive to the fairgrounds without using a GPS. I was wrong, and finally had to use the phone. It used some small streets, but got us here. We were parked in the area called the hill, along with our friends – Don & Sharon Del Rosario’s, Frank & Gloria King, Bob & Barb Williams, Tom & Debbie Abernathy. After checking in with the office, we started working on the Door Prize inventory until the first staff meeting. Marilyn even won a prize – a candle that will become an Xmas present. After the meeting we had a happy hour with snacks provided. Then we went home for leftovers and work on the Door Prize inventory.

Saturday morning, we met with Wanda Lewis to get our Door Prize job description questions answered. There is lots of noise in there fairgrounds due to a local equipment auction. I worked on as spreadsheet of door prizes (description, donor, etc. Marilyn went to the goody bag stuffing. We sat with the Roses and Mulhalls for happy hour and the catered staff dinner.

Today, we we went to hospitality for our breakfast of coffee and donuts. We re-checked the Door Prize inventory before lunch. After lunch we went to the Escapade Market Area to solicit door prizes. Not many were present, so we will have to go for more tomorrow. Marilyn went to the Row meeting while I continued to work on the Door Prize spreadsheet.

Both Beverly and Doug called to wish Marilyn a happy Mother’s Day, and it was great to talk to them.  We had a quiet dinner, since it is so quiet here on the hill. After dinner we went down to the track to see the Sandy and John McKean for a beer and conversation, to see Chick Thompson, and finally we stopped by the Nelson’s for more conversation and a Marguerita. Then it was back home to wait for a storm if we get one.

Wednesday, May 7, 2014


Yesterday, after reading emails, Facebook, and online news, Marilyn and I drove to Shipshewana, IN where we spent the rest of the morning plus most of the afternoon at the Shipshewana Flea Market.  Marilyn found a few Xmas gifts that we will be able to leave in New York instead of shipping them to New York just before Xmas. We ate lunch at the Flea Market.  Marilyn had a fish sandwich, and I had a pork tenderloin sandwich.

After leaving the flea market, we stopped at Lambright’s Furniture Store.  We have  been looking for a recliner to replace my chair, and found they have nice looking wall hugger recliners that are used in RV’s.  We are leaning towards the darker colored one, because we do not think the lighter one would actually match the color of our other furniture.  They are both the same chair, but different colored fabrics. IMG_20140506_151950_034IMG_20140506_152034_057

This morning, just before lunch, Don and Sharon Del Rosario pulled in next to us here at Elkhart Campground.  It is great seeing these wonderful friends again, since it was over a year ago that we saw them last in Arizona.

Type at you later.

Monday, May 5, 2014


Thursday, we went to lunch with Bernie and Carole for Chinese. we had great food and company. Friday morning our motorhome was taken in to the shop to replace its passenger side rear jack. Now all four do what they are supposed to do. Saturday and Sunday nights we played Farkel with Bernie and Carole. Sunday morning, the four of us joined Bryan and Jane Rose for breakfast at the Cock-a-doodle Cafe. It was great to see Bryan and Jane again. For dinner Sunday night, we burned our own steaks. Marilyn made a salad, and Carole baked potatoes for each of us.

This morning, Marilyn and I packed up and moved to the Elkhart Campground. Our neighbor at Duncan RV gave us a water softener. When I tried it this morning it leaked, so it found its way to the dumpster. After lunch, Marilyn and I took advantage of the almost 60 degree weather to walk around the park. We did stop to talk to a few of the people in the park, including Nick and Terri Russell.

That bright yellow thing in the sky moved around to the front of the rig and the inside started to get warm. So I pulled down the window awnings, and Marilyn and I put up our Magne Shade for the first time. It cooled off in a hurry.