Tuesday, May 20, 2014


Last night we had a wonderful happy hour followed by dinner with Mary and Gary Olson, and Sharon and Don del Rosario. This morning, we drove to Shipshewana to visit with Joan and Richard Micelli. Upon arrival, I was unable to remove the ignition key from the Jeep. I made a 3:30 appointment with the Jeep dealer in LaGrange, IN. We had a wonderful visit and lunch with Joan and Richard, and with Jo and Pete Peters. Lunch was at a wonderful restaurant called Tiffany’s. After lunch I picked up our new chair from Lambright’s. Joan had apple pie and ice cream for us, after which I drove to the Jeep dealer in LaGrange. They were unable to repair our ignition switch, but will replace it tomorrow. They loaned me a van to drive home with the new chair. It is very comfortable.

Type at you later.

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  1. Is it a napping chair? I know you'll love it.