Wednesday, January 30, 2013

2012-01-27 to 30

Last post ended with it starting to rain on the 25th.  It rained off and on all night and most of the 26th.  Around 4pm the sun came out and we were still able to have a potluck with our RV Driving School friends.  We all sat around a large actual wood fire talking until dark.

Today, Sunday, the 27th, Marilyn and I were going to drive to Yuma to spend a week in a campground with good electric, water and sewer.  However, our passenger side front jack decided that it wanted to remain firmly planted on the ground.  We tried cycling the jacks up and down, but no go.  We finally called our road service, Coachnet, and they said they could get someone out to us tomorrow to get it up or off.  At least we still have friends here boondocking with us.

This morning I did try to get some pictures of the pretty Saguaro Cacti.  Here are three pics.  DSC05995DSC05996DSC05999

Monday morning, the 28th, about 8am, Coachnet called to see if we had been contacted by the mobile repair folks – we had not.  Coachnet said they would give them a call, and we should hear from them.  After lunch, we called Coachnet, and they said the repair place would receive another call.  Coachnet called back and said the repair service would be out within an hour and a half.  About 2pm they called, and I went to meet them at the corner of 53rd street and US 95 to lead them a mile back to our motorhome.  They said they thought we had hydraulic jacks, so they had to go back for more tools.  After jacking up the motorhome, they used a portable drill to retract the jack – no charge – thank you coachnet.

Tuesday morning, the 29th, we contacted Orangewood RV in Surprise, AZ and set up an appointment to have the jack looked at and a new one probably ordered.  Then we went back into Quartzsite to do some more shopping in Tyson Wells.  I pulled in to what I thought was a parking place – it was not.  So I started backing out.  I could not see passed a large pickup, so the rear end of our Jeep IMG_20130129_111653_258 met the front of a 1971 Volkwagon – Wagon IMG_20130129_111715_482.  Insurance will repair all. 

After lunch, we drove to Yuma, AZ where we rented an RV site just off Foothills Blvd.  It is a nice area, where people buy large lots, put park models on one side, and rent out the site on the other side of their lot.  We arrived in time to have a wonderful happy hour with the Del Rosario’s and Pinner’s.

Today, the 30th was a busy day.  After breakfast, we drove to Los Algodones, Mexico (we parked on the US side of the border, and walked across to the Purple Store to buy some medicine for a friend, and two liters of Kahlua for ourselves. After walking back to the car, we spent the rest of the day shopping at Sam’s Club, WalMart, and Fry’s Grocery.

We will be here in Yuma until Monday, when we drive to Surprise, AZ (near Phoenix) to be ready for our 8am appointment to get our jack fixed.

Friday, January 25, 2013

2013-01-24 & 25

On the 24th, I went to breakfast at Carl Jr'’s with the Orr’s, Pinner’s and Fradette’s, and then I gathered some of our bills to pay next month.  I also set up access to Chapter 16’s bank account and bill pay on line.  Dinner was at 3pm.  Molly made taco soup and everyone else brought sides.  Marilyn made her sopapilla cheese cake pie, which was delicious as always.  IMG_20130124_150701_032  Mark brought out some beer before dinner, and mead for after dinner – great.  Dennis brought out a map to show routes around Alaska to those going with him in 2014.  IMG_20130124_163957_593IMG_20130124_164050_665

Today, the 25th, Marilyn and I went to breakfast with Susie Orr at La Mesa for a biscuit and sausage gravy.  We came back to the Alaska gathering place, and moved one mile to the RV School Alumni gathering place.  Then it was lunch time, so Marilyn and I went back to La Mesa for another free lunch.  It was tuna noodle, carrot slaw and a piece of corn bread.  We met Frank and Gloria King, so we had great company for lunch.  Then we went shopping in the flea market tents where we bought me a wallet, another solar light, and a jacket for Marilyn.  IMG_20130125_153728_604  Returning to the house, I talked with Dennis and Garry for a while. Then it started to rain.  We all ate in, instead of going to a restaurant.

Type at you later.

Thursday, January 24, 2013


This morning, the 22nd, we made a trash run, asked our friends if they had trash for us to take, and went to the transfer station north of Quartzsite.  Then we drove to Parker where Marilyn did laundry and we shopped at WalMart.  Back in Quartzsite, we went to La Mesa for another free lunch - hot dog and chips.  After lunch we drove back to the house to put groceries away before returning to the RV Show Tent for another trip around to see if there was anything we could not live without – this time there was nothing.  Back at the rig, we had cocktails with Jimmy and Penny Hamann; talked to Maureen and Dave Lubke'; and then went to dinner at the Q Motel. Marilyn and I had dthe Beef Tip and Noodles dinner (it was the end of the dinner hour so they must have already given out all of the meat).  The fried shrimp dinner looked really good.

The 23rd dawned, and it was time to get the house ready to move.  We drove in to town to pick up some cabbage for Marilyn’s cole slaw to have with Dennis’s smoked pulled pork.  Then, after getting the house ready and the Jeep hitched, we went to dump the tanks and get fresh water.  The drive was only 9 miles, and we were parked, once again with our SKP friends.  Dennis Hill is leading another group to Alaska in 2014, and he invited us to his pre-Alaska get together to tell of our wonderful 2011 trip.  Dinner was the pulled pork potluck.  After dinner, Jean Fradette gave rides in his green ActicCat side-by-side.  Molly rode, and then Lisa said she wanted to drive. IMG_20130123_173713_343IMG_20130123_173720_669IMG_20130123_173959_696

Marilyn had an exciting ride, and then Jean let her drive back!  IMG_20130123_175722_714IMG_20130123_175724_411IMG_20130123_180541_546

Then it was my turn to drive.  This little go-cart on steroids has a lot of get up and go for bouncing around in the desert.  IMG_20130123_180831_348IMG_20130123_180904_354IMG_20130123_180916_512

Type at you later.

Monday, January 21, 2013


Another fun day in Quartzsite.  Susie and Denny Orr asked us to join them for breakfast at McDonald’s followed by shopping in the flea markets.  We were joined by Dennis Hill and the new owners of the RV Driving School – George and Valerie Maleyben(sp) for breakfast of Sausage Egg and Chees McMuffins ($3.33 for 2).  We all enjoyed.  After breakfast we all went shopping for tools and misc.  After the happy hour all of the VCRs (Volunteer Club Representatives for the Escapees RV Club) gathered at Silly Al’s for pizza.  Everyone enjoyed the pies etc.  Here are a couple of panorama shots of those folks at the table.  They are easier to see if you click on the picture to make it larger. IMG_20130121_165040_888IMG_20130121_165407_704

Type at you later.

Sunday, January 20, 2013

2013-01-18, 19 & 20

This morning we went to La Mesa’s RV Sales Lot for a free breakfast – delicious biscuit and sausage gravy.  Then we headed to Blythe, California to pick up our General Delivery mail at the Post Office.  On the way back, we stopped to look at area rugs, but did not find one we liked.  At 3:30pm, we had a wonderful potluck dinner with our Escapees friends here in Quartzsite.  Then we all sat around the fires and discussed ???until it was time to go in for the night due to cooling off.  These are panorama pictures of the crowd sitting around the fire.   IMG_20130118_180819_281IMG_20130118_182736_751

Saturday the 19th, we again went to La Mesa’s free breakfast – pancakes this time.  Then it was time to go to the RV Show in the big tent.  The tent has 3 extremely long rows of vendors. I am not sure if there are as many or more vendors than we have seen at the Tampa RV Super Show.  Marilyn and I were shopping for a new tow bar to replace our Blue Ox Aventa II tow bar that we had purchased in 2003.  For about the past three years, when we had Blue Ox service our old tow bar, they have been telling us that our tow bar was too old with too many miles on it, and they would not continue to service it.  We also had to shop for a new auxiliary brake system for our Jeep when it is towed behind the motorhome.  We looked at Roadmaster’s tow bar and brake system for a package deal of $2100, and I did not like the new brake system that they were pushing.  We liked the new Blue Ox tow bar at $695 plus tax.  Demco wanted $850 for their top of the line tow bar.  I liked the AirForce One brake system, which they quoted at $1500 installed.  After shopping, Marilyn and I went back to La Mesa for a free lunch of hotdogs sauerkraut, macaroni salad and bread pudding.  The dog and the salad were very good, and free.   We again had a nice 4pm social hour.  For dinner, Dennis suggested the $1 taco stand on the corner of 95 and Keuhn Road.  They were delicious.

Today, the 20th, La Mesa gives its people a day off, so there were no free breakfasts or lunches.  After eating breakfast at home, Marilyn and I headed back to the RV Show’s Big Tent where we purchased the SMI auxiliary brake system, and the Blue Ox Tow Bar, before returning to the motorhome.  SMI said that its installers would be finished and come to our place sometime after 11:30am.  They arrived just after 11am.  So, we now have a new tow bar that I installed, and a working auxiliary brake system.  Next we joined the Orr’s, the Hill’s and Mike & Barbara for Walla Walla Hamburgers being served amongst the flea market tents.  They caramelized the onions and served them with 1/4 lb. burgers – wonderful.  After lunch, I removed our old non-working US Gear auxiliary brake system – it had served us faithfully for 9 years, and then we went for a walk.  After the 4pm happy hour, Denny Orr, Mark Nemeth and Dennis Hill burned some marshmallows using Denny Orr’s new fancy stick that turns them over with a shake of the stick.  Denny also grilled some hotdogs.  We opted for soup and a sandwich for dinner.


Type at you later.

Thursday, January 17, 2013


We had another great day in Quartzsite – lots of sunshine, and temperature in the 60s.  Five guys went to breakfast this morning at Mickey D’s.  At 1pm the crowd started to form.  DSC05966DSC05975DSC05985

Whenever large groups of SKPs gather, we have to have announcements from Susie, Molly & Bob, and Mark.  DSC05968DSC05973DSC05974

Just like we had yesterday, there was lots of food.   DSC05977DSC05978DSC05980

There was music,  DSC05945 and dancing.  DSC05942DSC05943

We had people who enjoy being with each other.  DSC05944

And we had people like Molly Pinner (the Escapade Directors) climbing on ladders to take pictures.  DSC05981

Type at you later.

Wednesday, January 16, 2013


On Monday the 14th, the Chapter 21 rally in Parker, AZ continued.  It was cold and windy.  We had coffee and pastries in the pavilion, followed by sub sandwiches for lunch there.  The burn-your-own potluck was cancelled due to the weather, so we ate in. 

Tuesday, the 15th, the chapter had its business meeting after breakfast.  Afterwards, Marilyn and I went in to Parker to do laundry and get a layer of dirt off the Jeep.  At 3pm, the chapter had a Polar Bear Party.  They mixed Kahlua, Vodka and vanilla ice cream in a blender.  Delicious drinks.  Don Del Rosario drove our Jeep to dinner.  He was our designated driver.  We went back to Maya’s with the Del Rosario’s and Kings for more Mexican fare.

Then today, we the rally was over, so we drove to Quartzsite for the Escapees Happy Hour hosted by Denny and Susie Orr in the desert on BLM (Bureau of Land Management) land.  Everyone is boondocking in the desert.  We saw many of our Western friends, and a few of our Eastern ones.  Here are a few pictures of the happy crowd.  DSC05854DSC05856DSC05861DSC05862DSC05908DSC05909DSC05910DSC05934

Everyone had a great time, and Bobbi did not sing the blues. DSC05929

We went to dinner with Marsha and Lee Squires, Bob and Molly Pinner, Ron & Jerrylea Hopf at Grubsteak Café.

Type at you later.

Monday, January 14, 2013


Today is the 14th, and I was going to publish this blog last night, but I had to finish my book.  I was getting too close to the end and it was so good.  It was Tom Clancy’s “Threat Vector”.  So, after reading Sharon Del Rosario’s blog comment that I would have pictures of the burros.  Here it is.

Marilyn has started a garden on our dashboard.  A few days ago, she and Sharon Del Rosario found these little daisies at a flea market.  They have a solar cell that allows them to move back and forth, and flap their leaves up and down.  They were 2 for $5.  Don paid for them and told Marilyn it was an Xmas present.IMG_20130114_111201_573IMG_20130114_111316_194

Yesterday, the 13th, we drove the Jeep up to Lake Havasu City to see the London Bridge.  It was purchased in 1968, dismantled and brought to Lake Havasu City.  The Visitor Center has a series of pictures showing the bridge in London over the years with buildings on it along with heads of those committing treason on spikes.  Other pictures show the bridge being rebuilt in the desert.  Then a channel was dug to bring water from Lake Havasu to flow under the desert’s London Bridge.

The first thing we saw as we walked up the Bridge Water Channel Beach was this  copy of the Buffalo, NY Lighthouse, which thrilled Marilyn. DSC05832DSC05833  There are several lighthouses around Lake Havasu, but we did not get close enough to get more pictures.

Here are some views of the bridge. DSC05834DSC05835DSC05838DSC05840DSC05846

Other than knowing that it was erected from the dismantled London Bridge, from the top, it is just another bridge to drive over with two lanes in each direction.  Of course, until it was erected here in the desert, there was no water channel for it to span – just dirt.

On our way back to Parker, AZ, we stopped to see the Parker Dam on the Colorado River.  The road over the dam is narrow, so no trucks, RV’s, etc. are allowed to drive over.  A semi passed us going the towards the dam, and next thing we see is the same semi, having turned around, going the other way.  DSC05848DSC05849  Since we had driven across the Parker Dam, we were on the California side of the Colorado River.  So we drove along that side of the River, stopping to take pictures along the way.  Marilyn took this picture of a burro out the passenger side window.  I had pulled over on the shoulder right next to him.  DSC05850  Next I walked across the road to take pictures of these new Golf Course Hazards.  DSC05851DSC05852

Type at you later.