Wednesday, January 30, 2013

2012-01-27 to 30

Last post ended with it starting to rain on the 25th.  It rained off and on all night and most of the 26th.  Around 4pm the sun came out and we were still able to have a potluck with our RV Driving School friends.  We all sat around a large actual wood fire talking until dark.

Today, Sunday, the 27th, Marilyn and I were going to drive to Yuma to spend a week in a campground with good electric, water and sewer.  However, our passenger side front jack decided that it wanted to remain firmly planted on the ground.  We tried cycling the jacks up and down, but no go.  We finally called our road service, Coachnet, and they said they could get someone out to us tomorrow to get it up or off.  At least we still have friends here boondocking with us.

This morning I did try to get some pictures of the pretty Saguaro Cacti.  Here are three pics.  DSC05995DSC05996DSC05999

Monday morning, the 28th, about 8am, Coachnet called to see if we had been contacted by the mobile repair folks – we had not.  Coachnet said they would give them a call, and we should hear from them.  After lunch, we called Coachnet, and they said the repair place would receive another call.  Coachnet called back and said the repair service would be out within an hour and a half.  About 2pm they called, and I went to meet them at the corner of 53rd street and US 95 to lead them a mile back to our motorhome.  They said they thought we had hydraulic jacks, so they had to go back for more tools.  After jacking up the motorhome, they used a portable drill to retract the jack – no charge – thank you coachnet.

Tuesday morning, the 29th, we contacted Orangewood RV in Surprise, AZ and set up an appointment to have the jack looked at and a new one probably ordered.  Then we went back into Quartzsite to do some more shopping in Tyson Wells.  I pulled in to what I thought was a parking place – it was not.  So I started backing out.  I could not see passed a large pickup, so the rear end of our Jeep IMG_20130129_111653_258 met the front of a 1971 Volkwagon – Wagon IMG_20130129_111715_482.  Insurance will repair all. 

After lunch, we drove to Yuma, AZ where we rented an RV site just off Foothills Blvd.  It is a nice area, where people buy large lots, put park models on one side, and rent out the site on the other side of their lot.  We arrived in time to have a wonderful happy hour with the Del Rosario’s and Pinner’s.

Today, the 30th was a busy day.  After breakfast, we drove to Los Algodones, Mexico (we parked on the US side of the border, and walked across to the Purple Store to buy some medicine for a friend, and two liters of Kahlua for ourselves. After walking back to the car, we spent the rest of the day shopping at Sam’s Club, WalMart, and Fry’s Grocery.

We will be here in Yuma until Monday, when we drive to Surprise, AZ (near Phoenix) to be ready for our 8am appointment to get our jack fixed.

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