Friday, January 4, 2013

2013-01-03 & 04

On the 3rd, we woke up to a cold snowy morning of 32 degrees.  Then it got colder.  There was only a little snow accumulation, but it did snow all day and most of the night.  IMG_20130103_085221_109IMG_20130103_100038_564

After lunch, we went to the Post Office to send some mail, and then to WalMart.  Our front furnace is back to not working, so, after calling Sharon Del Rosario to find out when we would be leaving Benson for Tucson, I called Camping World (a Suburban authorized repair place) and set up an appointment for Tuesday at 1pm.  The service writer said it would cost about $80 (who knows?) and that would be great if it works.  Note:  we are not freezing because the rear furnace keeps the bedroom around 70, and the little space heater keeps the living room about 65.  It sure will be nice to have the front furnace work too (the electric roof-top heat pumps do not work in freezing weather, but back to the 40s tomorrow so they will work also).

This morning, the 4th, I went out to try to add some water to the fresh water tank, but the park’s valve was frozen.  So digging out a new hose did not help.  I put that hose, put the frozen filters away, and brought my frozen hose in to the shower to defrost it.  By about noon, the valve was unfrozen, and the temperature was high enough to run the heat pumps.  So I filled the fresh water tank, and put the hoses away.  After lunch, we drove down to Columbus, NM to walk to the Pink Store (the duty free shop was padlocked) to get two bottles of Kahlua.  On the way back we stopped at Pepper’s Grocery to get salad makings.  Our final stop for the day, we stopped at St. Claire Winery for tasting and buying a couple of bottles.  After returning to the house, the hose in the shower had thawed, so I put it away.  Cocktail time, so I will type at you later.

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