Thursday, January 24, 2013


This morning, the 22nd, we made a trash run, asked our friends if they had trash for us to take, and went to the transfer station north of Quartzsite.  Then we drove to Parker where Marilyn did laundry and we shopped at WalMart.  Back in Quartzsite, we went to La Mesa for another free lunch - hot dog and chips.  After lunch we drove back to the house to put groceries away before returning to the RV Show Tent for another trip around to see if there was anything we could not live without – this time there was nothing.  Back at the rig, we had cocktails with Jimmy and Penny Hamann; talked to Maureen and Dave Lubke'; and then went to dinner at the Q Motel. Marilyn and I had dthe Beef Tip and Noodles dinner (it was the end of the dinner hour so they must have already given out all of the meat).  The fried shrimp dinner looked really good.

The 23rd dawned, and it was time to get the house ready to move.  We drove in to town to pick up some cabbage for Marilyn’s cole slaw to have with Dennis’s smoked pulled pork.  Then, after getting the house ready and the Jeep hitched, we went to dump the tanks and get fresh water.  The drive was only 9 miles, and we were parked, once again with our SKP friends.  Dennis Hill is leading another group to Alaska in 2014, and he invited us to his pre-Alaska get together to tell of our wonderful 2011 trip.  Dinner was the pulled pork potluck.  After dinner, Jean Fradette gave rides in his green ActicCat side-by-side.  Molly rode, and then Lisa said she wanted to drive. IMG_20130123_173713_343IMG_20130123_173720_669IMG_20130123_173959_696

Marilyn had an exciting ride, and then Jean let her drive back!  IMG_20130123_175722_714IMG_20130123_175724_411IMG_20130123_180541_546

Then it was my turn to drive.  This little go-cart on steroids has a lot of get up and go for bouncing around in the desert.  IMG_20130123_180831_348IMG_20130123_180904_354IMG_20130123_180916_512

Type at you later.

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