Thursday, January 17, 2013


We had another great day in Quartzsite – lots of sunshine, and temperature in the 60s.  Five guys went to breakfast this morning at Mickey D’s.  At 1pm the crowd started to form.  DSC05966DSC05975DSC05985

Whenever large groups of SKPs gather, we have to have announcements from Susie, Molly & Bob, and Mark.  DSC05968DSC05973DSC05974

Just like we had yesterday, there was lots of food.   DSC05977DSC05978DSC05980

There was music,  DSC05945 and dancing.  DSC05942DSC05943

We had people who enjoy being with each other.  DSC05944

And we had people like Molly Pinner (the Escapade Directors) climbing on ladders to take pictures.  DSC05981

Type at you later.

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