Saturday, January 12, 2013


This morning we went to breakfast in the pavilion.  We had coffee, donuts, and other pastries.  After breakfast, as we walked to the other end of the La Paz County Park for their swap meet (market of river fleas), we saw this old modified motorhome.  IMG_20130112_091607_232  I sent the picture to Dennis Hill, thinking he might want to as a similar porch to the rear of his motorhome.  He said he would take it.  At the flea market, Marilyn bought me a new belt.  On the way back to the house, Marilyn had to inspect these pine like trees.IMG_20130112_100408_837

Then at 10 o’clock we lined up to go to the Desert Bar & Nellie E. Saloon.  IMG_20130112_140246_828  The bar is in an old mine, that is about 5 miles in on an old mountain dirt road.  IMG_20130112_124536_920  One of the first things we saw was this chapel like structure.  It has a front and rear, and no sides.  IMG_20130112_095816_024IMG_20130112_095900_620 

We enjoyed the bloody-mary’s, hot chocolate (outside temperature was cold), philly-cheese steak sandwiches, fries, etc.  IMG_20130112_103332_210IMG_20130112_103338_886 

The band started playing after 1pm.  IMG_20130112_122104_975

Among the interesting sites were the fireplace, old tractors, and old trucks.  IMG_20130112_122123_439IMG_20130112_122739_039

Type at you later.

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