Tuesday, January 1, 2013

2012-12-30 and 2013-01-01

New Year’s Eve we drove from River Shade RV Park, east of San Antonia, to Segovia River RV Park, just east of Junction, TX.  We did stop in San Antonio to go to the SAS Shoe Factory Outlet.  Marilyn got a new pair of sandals, and a new purse.  Driving in the morning was foggy, misty and rainy.  We lucked out with no significant traffic tie-ups due to accidents.  West of San Antonio, we crossed the dry line, and the fog went away.2012-12-31 3913 S Highway 123 Byp, Cibolo, TX 78155 to Junction - Microsoft Streets & Trips 12312012 60233 PM.bmp

Our total miles driven for 2012 were 9,250 in the motorhome, and 12,908 in the Jeep.

On New Year’s Day, we left Segovia River RV Park, and continued West.  When we reached Balmorhea, we decided it was too early to stop.  We looked at the RV parks in Van Horn, and thought we would drive a little further to get a cheap Passport America campground.  When we arrived in Sierra Blanca, we found that the RV park was out of business.  So we ended up driving 430 miles to an RV park at Texas I-10 exit 35 where we stopped at Mission RV Park.  With so many miles you would have thought we were following Dennis Hill.

2013-01-01 Junction to Sierra Blanca TX - Microsoft Streets & Trips 112013 71744 PM.bmp

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