Thursday, April 30, 2015


On Monday the 27th, we moved the house 83 miles  to the Richardson Grove Campground and RV Park. we have a 30amp full hook-up site. It is a nice park, although not a resort.  We have good Verizon voice service, but the data service is 1x. The campground fee wifi is about as bad as the Verizon data.


On Tuesday, the 28th, we drove the 32 mile “Avenue of The Giants” north on Old US 101. It is a wonderful drive through an Old Growth Coastal Redwood Forest. We saw many tall Redwood trees with strange “bole” growths. 20150428_12544520150428_160815.  Looking up gives a strange perspective.  20150428_112059.However, you have to drive carefully, because the trees grow within inches of the road edges. IMG_6047.  While driving through the forest, Blondie became confused and thought we were driving below sea level. 20150428_150521. I hid in a tree, IMG_6053, and Marilyn became a tree hugger. IMG_6054.


Wednesday, the 28th, we drove west to the Pacific Ocean again. IMG_6058 This time we wanted to see The Cape Mendicino Lighthouse which had been moved to Shelter Cove, CA in order to preserve it. IMG_6064. Marilyn spent some time contemplating the water. IMG_6061. Driving a little further north, we stopped at Seal Rock IMG_6066, in order to see those on the rocks. IMG_6069IMG_6073.  A little further on was Black Sand Beach. IMG_6083. Here are some pictures of the beach. IMG_6074IMG_6076IMG_6079IMG_6081IMG_6082.


Today, April 30th, we drove 73 miles to  to the Elks Lodge in Euraka, CA.


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Sunday, April 26, 2015

2015-04-26 Ukiah Elks Lodge 1728

Thursday, the 23rd, we left Travelhome RV Park in Yuba City, CA, and drove 121 miles to the Ukiah Elks Lodge 1728. The lodge has 8 parking lot sites with water and 30 amp electric and dump on site for $20 per night. It is not destination beautiful, but no complaints for a few nights.


Friday, we drove the Jeep 150 miles to visit 2 lighthouses. WE followed CA-128 to Booneville,, and then Mountain View Road To CA-101 and Point Arena Lighthouse. Then we took CA-101 north to Mendocino to the Point Cabrillo Lighthouse. Next, we drove back to the Ukiah Elks via CA-20. image. The whole route had its ups, downs, twists and turns to get to the Pacific Coast and back. Mountain view road was the worst, because it started out small and got smaller. It has a warning not for semi’s. It did start with a double solid yellow line down the middle, but then there would be a sign that the road narrows and the yellow lines would disappear. I presume that even C-DOT is not allowed to cut down Redwood Trees, because the road would narrow to one lane between two trees.


We did enjoy the lighthouses. Point Arena Lighthouse is one of the tallest on the West Coast, with beautiful views in each direction. IMG_6009IMG_6014IMG_6016. There were flowers on the bank and two whales swimming by. IMG_6018IMG_6022.


Point Cabrillo Lighthouse can’t be reached by car. After driving to the State Park, you have to walk a half mile down a paved path, and of course back up again. IMG_6025IMG_6026IMG_6027. Of course we still enjoyed our visit. IMG_6032IMG_6033IMG_6035.


Before starting back to the Elks, we stopped at McDonald’s for a couple of McDoubles for lunch about 3pm.


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Tuesday, April 21, 2015

2015-04-21 Travelhome RV Park, Yuba City, CA

We had to go to another Dollar Tree because we needed an anniversary card for my sister and brother-in-law. While in the store, Marilyn saw this dancing Hula Girl, and needed her for her garden. 20150418_111257.

On Saturday, 18th we met Dennis and Carol Hill for lunch at Applebee’s here in Yuba City. It was a g00d Applebee’s, but the conversation about good times was the best.  Dennis tried to prevent my taking a picture of Carol. 20150418_122707. But, I got a picture anyway. 20150418_122717.

Sunday was a work around the house day. Marilyn cleaned, and I added some tombstone pictures to Monday was a Wal-Mart shopping day.

Today, we drove a whole 3 miles across the river to Marysville, CA for lunch at the Silver Dollar Saloon with our wonderful friends Frank and Gloria King. IMG_5997. They both looked good, and we thoroughly enjoyed both the lunch and the conversation. 20150421_153805. Next to and behind the Silver Dollar Saloon is the Portal, Pavilion, and Temple which commemorates the large Chinese population that was part of the founding of Marysville. IMG_5998SSSIMG_6001.

After lunch today, Marilyn and I drove 25 miles east of Marysville to Bridgeport Covered Bridge. The bridge was built in 1862 by David I Wood. At 229 feet in length, it is thought to be the longest single span truss /arch covered bridge in the US. It is also one of only nine remaining covered bridges in California, and is under re-construction. IMG_6008.

Thursday, April 16, 2015

2015-04-16–Travelhome RV Park, Yuba City, CA

On Saturday, the 11th, we left the Petaluma, CA Elk’s Lodge, and moved the house to the Yuba-Sutter Fairgrounds in Yuba City, CA for the Western Area Rally for Escapees. The rally was Sunday to Thursday, but we arrived a day early. Early registration was at 3pm. 20150411_150408. A 4pm social hour was next. 20150411_16441720150411_164422. Then we joined Marty & Peggy McCauley for dinner at the Sutter Buttes Brewery for delicious burgers, roast beef sandwich and fish and chips.


Sunday, the 12th and first day of the rally, they parked the rest of the 125 rigs. Registration was from 1 to 3pm, followed by a 4pm social hour with heavy hors d’oeuvres, so nobody needed dinner. 20150412_16044220150412_160456. Then we had a parade of Escapees Chapter banners. Marty and I carried the Florida Sun Gators Chapter 57 banner. 20150412_173555.


On Monday, the 13th, Dennis and Carol Hill came on their motorcycle to visit us and see what was happening at the WARE Rally. 20150413_11375720150413_131424. After the 4pm social hour, we went out to a Red Robin for dinner with Marty and Peggy.


On the 14th, we had a 4pm social hour, a great potluck dinner, and an auction for CARE (Continuing Assistance for Retired Escapees, an adult day care) raising over $1,500. Tom Dunkel was our great auctioneer. 20150414_183622.


On Wednesday, the 13th, Marilyn participated in a fashion shoe put on by a vendor from Pahrump, NV. 20150415_11104820150415_112138. We had a catered Hawaiian Luau and Polynesian dinner that was fabulous. Kermet Apio, a comedian born in Hawaii, provided our entertainment with a comic routine and Hawaiian music. Marilyn and I, and Tom and Pat Dunkel dressed for our Hawaiian night. 20150415_17430220150415_174333.


Thursday morning, the 15th, everyone comes out of their rigs to say goodbye. We then moved the house 1.3 miles to the Travelhome RV Park in Yuba City. We plan to relax here for a week.


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