Thursday, April 30, 2015


On Monday the 27th, we moved the house 83 miles  to the Richardson Grove Campground and RV Park. we have a 30amp full hook-up site. It is a nice park, although not a resort.  We have good Verizon voice service, but the data service is 1x. The campground fee wifi is about as bad as the Verizon data.


On Tuesday, the 28th, we drove the 32 mile “Avenue of The Giants” north on Old US 101. It is a wonderful drive through an Old Growth Coastal Redwood Forest. We saw many tall Redwood trees with strange “bole” growths. 20150428_12544520150428_160815.  Looking up gives a strange perspective.  20150428_112059.However, you have to drive carefully, because the trees grow within inches of the road edges. IMG_6047.  While driving through the forest, Blondie became confused and thought we were driving below sea level. 20150428_150521. I hid in a tree, IMG_6053, and Marilyn became a tree hugger. IMG_6054.


Wednesday, the 28th, we drove west to the Pacific Ocean again. IMG_6058 This time we wanted to see The Cape Mendicino Lighthouse which had been moved to Shelter Cove, CA in order to preserve it. IMG_6064. Marilyn spent some time contemplating the water. IMG_6061. Driving a little further north, we stopped at Seal Rock IMG_6066, in order to see those on the rocks. IMG_6069IMG_6073.  A little further on was Black Sand Beach. IMG_6083. Here are some pictures of the beach. IMG_6074IMG_6076IMG_6079IMG_6081IMG_6082.


Today, April 30th, we drove 73 miles to  to the Elks Lodge in Euraka, CA.


Type at you later.


  1. Wonderful memories of redwoods and seals. Thank you.

  2. the redwoods cannot be described or caught in pictures -- they have to be seen in person to capture the awe and magnificence .....thanks for the walk down memory lane....