Saturday, April 1, 2017

2017-04-01 Long time since Wrote


It has been a long time since I wrote a blog, and it will be late June before I write another one. All will be explained in this blog.

It all began last spring when my PSA test went to 4.2 and my VA primary care doctor said I needed a biopsy. The initial urology date was scheduled in May where I was told that i needed a biopsy since i had been in Vietnam where \\=-][gent Orange had been sprayed. Biopsy after Labor Day showed low-moderate cancer.

The rest of the fall was filled with other doctors including knee replacement on Halloween, followed by physical therapy which finished in late December. I forgot to mention that we bought a 2016 Lincoln MKX in September, and were glad that we had. The front doors on the MKX are larger than the ones on our 2008 Jeep Liberty, which helped my new knee. We also visited friends in Florida, and our Escapees friends at Sumter Oaks.

Winter brought visits to my VA urologist followed by a spring visit to my oncologist to decide on, and to schedule treatment. Forty-five radiation treatments at the Tampa VA (46 miles one way) start on April 11th. and last until June 16th.

My knee has healed fine. So I had no problem walking around Busch Gardens to attend their Real Music Series concerts.

Hitch itch is getting bad. We have not stayed in any other campground so long since we began living fulltime in our motorhome. We arrived end of August before our snowbird friends migrated to FL, and we are stuck in FL 2.5 months after they all leave. However, Marilyn and I decided I should have these treatments now instead of waiting to see if it grows.

Hugs, and I will type more this summer after we leave FL.