Monday, July 27, 2015

2015-07-27 North Whidbey RV Park

Today, the 27th we have relaxed.

Yesterday, the 26th we drove south on Whidbey Island to Clinton, WA to take the ferry to see Mukilteo Lighthouse. Mukilteo LighthouseMukilteo LighthouseMukilteo Lighthouse.

On the drive back we decided to stop at Fort Casey State Park to see the Admiralty Head Lighthouse. Admiralty Head LighthouseAdmiralty Head Lighthouse. Fort Casey still has quite a few Coast Defense Gun Emplacements. It is also the Whidbey Island terminus of the Port Townsend (on the Olympic Peninsula) ferry. While at the Admiralty Head Lighthouse, we could look across at Port Townsend, and see the Point Wilson Lighthouse that we photographed on July 7th. Here is the picture taken on the 26th of the same lighthouse, but from across the bay. Point Wilson LighthouseS.


Hugs, and type at you later.                       

Saturday, July 25, 2015

2015-07-25 North Whidbey Island RV Park, Oak Harbor, WA

We spent the last Monday thru Friday morning thoroughly enjoying the Escapees Chapter 5 July Rally. The rally was held at the Bremerton, WA Elks Lodge 1181. We made some new friends, and hope to see some of the at Escapade 2016 in Vermont.


After leaving the rally yesterday, we drove around Seattle, WA to the North Whidbey RV Park in Oak Harbor, WA on Whidbey Island. We will be hear until next Friday, when we head into Canada for the month of August.


Hugs, and Type At You Later.

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

2015-07-21 Escapees Ch 5 Rally at Bremerton WA Elks Lodge 1181

On July 17th, we moved the house from the SKP Co-op Park in Chimacum WA to Eagle Tree RV Park in Poulsbo, WA. On Saturday, the 18th, we drove the Jeep to see the Point No Point Lighthouse. Point No Point LighthousePoint No Point Lighthouse. It is so short they use a ladder to get to the light instead of stairs. Point No Point Lighthouse. We were even able to see Mount Baker from Point No Point. Point No Point Lighthouse Of course it barely registers the colors on the camera.


On Sunday the 19th, we rode the Bainbridge Island Ferry to Seattle. Bainbridge Island FerrySeattle from Bainbridge Island FerryBainbridge Island Ferry in Seattle. The sun was in the way of getting good pictures going to Seattle. They have a very nice aquarium. Seattle Aquarium. If you are in the port area, we think it should not be missed. While in Seattle we had to walk through Pikes Place Fish Market. Pike Place Fish Market. We did stand around long enough to watch them throw fish from behind the counter into the crowd. After walking around the dock area, we ate linner at Elliott’s Restaurant. Then it was time to take the ferry back to Bainbridge Island. Leaving Seattle on Bainbridge Island Ferry.


Yesterday, the 20th, we moved the house to the Bremerton WA Elks Lodge 1181 for the Escapees Chapter 5 Rally. We had not planned it, but are the VCR’s. After happy our, we went to dinner at Brother Don’s. This morning, the Hots(s) provided breakfast, and shortly, we will be taking a city bus to downtown Bremerton to walk around.


Hugs, and type at you later.

Thursday, July 16, 2015

2015-07-16 Evergreen SKP Park, Chimacum, WA

Today, we have enjoyed relaxing, planning a route and making reservations for campgrounds and window repair.


The past two days, the 14th and 15th, were rough on the knees since we walked several miles each day in Victoria BC, and Hurricane Ridge in the Olympic National Park.


During this trip to Victoria, we started with a circuit on the Hop on Hop off (HOHO) double decker bus ride as soon as we got off the ferry from Port Angeles. This first picture is the sign for Mile Zero of the Trans Canada Highway Number 1. Mile Zero -0- Canada 1, Victoria BC. We got off the HOHO next at The Empress Hotel. Then we walked a couple of blocks to the Royal British Columbia Museum. Victoria BCVictoria BC. Just around the corner was the Totem Pole Garden. Victoria BC, Totem Poles at Royal BC MuseumVictoria BC, Totem Poles at Royal BC Museum. For lunch, Marilyn and I walked a few blocks to Red Fish Blue Fish on the harbor waterfront for fish and chips. Marilyn’s cod and my halibut were both delicious. After lunch we got back on the HOHO to stop at the Castle. (Robert Dundmuir, a coal magnet, built his dream castle, but tragically died before he could live in Craigdarroch). Victoria BC, Robert Dunsmuir's Craigdarroch CastleVictoria BC, Robert Dunsmuir's Craigdarroch Castle. After walking the grounds and taking pictures, we rode the HOHO until it stopped again at the Empress Hotel, where we walked around the corner to the Miniature World Museum. Victoria BC, Miniatures Museum. They had miniature towns depicting European towns destroyed by various wars, Toronto in 1915, and fairy tales. Victoria BC, Miniatures MuseumVictoria BC, Miniatures Museum.


On the 15th, we drove up to Hurricane Ridge to view pat of the Olympic Mountains including the glaciers on Mount Olympus. Hurricane Ridge, Olympic National Park, WAHurricane Ridge, Olympic National Park, WA. There were deer wandering around unafraid of people. Hurricane Ridge, Olympic National Park, WAHurricane Ridge, Olympic National Park, WA. We stopped at viewpoints on the way back to Port Angeles, but the view was obstructed by clouds. I did get a picture of of Dungeness Spit from one spot at extreme range for my camera. Dungeness Spit from Hurricane Ridge WA Viewpoint.


Type at you later.

Monday, July 13, 2015

2015-07-13. Its raining at Chimacum SKP Park.

On Saturday, the 11th, we drove to Port Townsend to see the Marine Science Center at Fort Worden. They have several tanks of Marine life for everyone to touch.


Sunday, the 12th, we drove to the Dungeness National Wildlife Refuge Dungeness National Wildlife Refuge near Sequim (squim), WA. We lucked out, the fog lifted, and were able to see the Dungeness Light five miles away on the end of the Dungeness Spit. Dungeness National Wildlife Refuge, New Dungeness LighthouseDungeness National Wildlife Refuge, New Dungeness Lighthouse. My Canon SX-50 takes good pictures  a long way off. if I can hold it steady. We walked partway out onto the Spit, but not all the way to the lighthouse.


Hugs, and Type at You Later.

Friday, July 10, 2015

2015-07-10, Evergreen Coho SKP Park, Chimacum, WA

As many of you know, Marilyn an I seldom get up before 7AM, but yesterday my alarm was set for 5AM. We were getting up early so that we could catch the 8:20AM ferry to Victoria, BC from Port Angeles, WA. We dressed, and left the RV Park at 5:45 for the one hour drive to Port Angeles. We had breakfast at Smugglers Landing near the ferry. The ferry was on time, and we boarded at 8AM for the hour and a half ride to Victoria Island. The island was named for Victoria Regina (Queen Victoria). Here is a picture of the ferry Blackball Ferry at Victoria, BC


We decided to visit Butchart Gardens first, and to tour the City of Victoria later. Robert Butchart was in the business of making cement, and bought property on Victoria Island to mine limestone for his Portland Cement business. His wife Jenny decided to have the property landscaped for gardens after the property was mined. Jenny traveled the world, and collected plants for her gardens which she used to entertain guests. If you enjoy formal gardens with beautiful  blooms, don’t miss Butchart Gardens. Butchart Gardens, Victoria, BC. They have flowers planted in the ground, and hanging in baskets. Butchart Gardens, Victoria, BCButchart Gardens, Victoria, BC. There is a sunken garden Butchart Gardens, Victoria, BC, and there are fountains. Butchart Gardens, Victoria, BC. There are roses Butchart Gardens, Victoria, BC, strange trees Butchart Gardens, Victoria, BCButchart Gardens, Victoria, BCButchart Gardens, Victoria, BC, and vibrant colors. Butchart Gardens, Victoria, BCButchart Gardens, Victoria, BCButchart Gardens, Victoria, BC.


When we got back to the Port of Victoria area, we walked over to the Parliament Building, which was opened in 1898. Parliament Building, Victoria, BC. We lucked out, and joined the next guided tour. Here is a picture of the dome and seal of British Columbia. Parliament Building, Victoria, BCParliament Building, Victoria, BC.  BC’s unicameral Parliament meets in this room. Parliament Building, Victoria, BC.


The Empress Hotel dominates the center of Victoria’s Harbor. The Empress Hotel, Victoria, BC. On our ferry ride back to Port Angeles, I was able to get a picture of the Victoria Lighthouse on trail Island. The picture is at my camera’s extreme 50X Zoom from the bow of the ferry that was bouncing up and down due to the waves, along with my non-steady arms. Victoria Lighthouse on Trail Island.


Hugs, and type at you later.