Tuesday, July 21, 2015

2015-07-21 Escapees Ch 5 Rally at Bremerton WA Elks Lodge 1181

On July 17th, we moved the house from the SKP Co-op Park in Chimacum WA to Eagle Tree RV Park in Poulsbo, WA. On Saturday, the 18th, we drove the Jeep to see the Point No Point Lighthouse. Point No Point LighthousePoint No Point Lighthouse. It is so short they use a ladder to get to the light instead of stairs. Point No Point Lighthouse. We were even able to see Mount Baker from Point No Point. Point No Point Lighthouse Of course it barely registers the colors on the camera.


On Sunday the 19th, we rode the Bainbridge Island Ferry to Seattle. Bainbridge Island FerrySeattle from Bainbridge Island FerryBainbridge Island Ferry in Seattle. The sun was in the way of getting good pictures going to Seattle. They have a very nice aquarium. Seattle Aquarium. If you are in the port area, we think it should not be missed. While in Seattle we had to walk through Pikes Place Fish Market. Pike Place Fish Market. We did stand around long enough to watch them throw fish from behind the counter into the crowd. After walking around the dock area, we ate linner at Elliott’s Restaurant. Then it was time to take the ferry back to Bainbridge Island. Leaving Seattle on Bainbridge Island Ferry.


Yesterday, the 20th, we moved the house to the Bremerton WA Elks Lodge 1181 for the Escapees Chapter 5 Rally. We had not planned it, but are the VCR’s. After happy our, we went to dinner at Brother Don’s. This morning, the Hots(s) provided breakfast, and shortly, we will be taking a city bus to downtown Bremerton to walk around.


Hugs, and type at you later.

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