Saturday, June 21, 2014


I have just downloaded some pictures from our PHD (push here dummy) camera so I have one from the 12 (a Cardinal that Marilyn saw flapping against one of our mirrors) and one from the 15th (bison lying in a field at the Wooden Nickel Buffalo Farm. 2014-06-12 DSC02896 2014-06-15 DSC02897

We left Erie, PA, Tuesday morning the 15th, and drove to North Tonawanda, NY via I-90 and US 20, thus we avoided the tolls on the NYS Thruway. We are parked in the side yard of Larry and Carolyn Jarvis with 30 amp electric and access to water. 2014-06-21 IMG_20140621_134331_091 

For lunch on the 18th, we went to the Anchor Bar in downtown Buffalo for Wings and Beef on Weck. The Anchor Bar is the home of the Original Buffalo Wings. 2014-06-18  IMG_20140618_131618_219 2014-06-18 IMG_20140618_141931_985 2014-06-18 IMG_20140618_142103_878

On Friday, the 20th, Marilyn and I drove the Jeep to Albion, NY to visit Sandy Andrews, who was one of Marilyn’s college roommates at SUNY Oswego. Sandy drove us up to Oak Harbor at Point Breeze on Lake Ontario for lunch, where we had wonderful fried haddock for lunch at the Black North Inn. Marilyn said her clam chowder was one of the best she had ever had, and I thought the onion soup was good too. 2014-06-20 IMG_20140620_124730_725 Oak Harbor also has a picturesque fake lighthouse where I even got Marilyn and Sandy to pose. 2014-06-20 IMG_20140620_123843_262 2014-06-20 IMG_20140620_123928_484

After a great afternoon with Sandy, Marilyn and I drove to Golden Hill State Park on Lake Ontario to see Thirty Mile Point Lighthouse. It is still lit, but maintained by the friends of the lighthouse. 2014-06-20 DSC02898 2014-06-20 DSC02899 2014-06-20 DSC02900 2014-06-20 DSC02901

Type at you later.

Monday, June 16, 2014


Yesterday, we met Allan and Leisyl for breakfast at Bob Evans for a good Father’s Day start. When we left, we drove from Medina, OH to Erie, PA. We are staying in Presque Isle Passage RV Park, just off I-90. After setting up, we drove down to lake Erie to see some lighthouses. We ended up taking pictures of 3 different lighthouses, an d seeing lots of boats, including this sail boat. 2014-06-15 ship at erie, pa The first lighthouse we found was the North Pier Light. 2014-06-15 North Pier Light, Erie, PA DSC07598 Next, we saw Presque Isle Lighthouse, which is now a private residence. 2014-06-15 Presque Isle Light, Erie, PA DSC07601 These were both inside the Presque Isle State Park. After leaving the Park, we drove to the restored Erie Land Lighthouse, which was the first lighthouse on the great lakes. 2014-06-15 Erie Land Lighthouse, Erie, PA DSC07604 2014-06-15 Erie Land Lighthouse, Erie, PA DSC07606 From the Erie Land Lighthouse park, we could look across the water to the North Pier Light. 2014-06-15 North Pier Light, Erie, PA DSC07608

One of the reasons we stopped in Erie was that Bryan and Jane Rose had said that they would meet us for lunch. The luncheon date turned out to be today, the 16th. Bryan and Jane came to Presque Isle Passage RV Park this morning around 10AM, and we talked until about 11:45, when we left to meet Taree and Victor at Quaker Steak and Lube. Here is a picture of Marilyn, Jane and chicken wings. IMG_20140616_121830_478   Lunch and conversation were great. After lunch, we drove to the Wooden Nickel Buffalo Ranch to see the buffalo, and buy meat. IMG_20140616_152911_708

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Saturday, June 14, 2014


Last night Allan and his girlfriend, Leisyl, joined us for Marilyn’s delicious lasagna dinner.

This morning, Allan and Leisyl picked us up just after nine to drive is in to Cleveland for “Parade the Circle” near the college art center. IMG_20140614_105823_318  I ended up taking 80 pictures on my phone, so the hardest part is choosing a few. The costumes and dancers were very artsy, and the floats pulled by people were strange.

IMG_20140614_104551_259 IMG_20140614_105124_266 IMG_20140614_105313_092 IMG_20140614_110050_543

IMG_20140614_123948_766 IMG_20140614_125552_438

IMG_20140614_133354_135 IMG_20140614_134044_059

 IMG_20140614_134113_962 IMG_20140614_142205_692

About 3pm we left the circle to go for an early dinner,  Allan suggested B-spot, Michael Simon’s restaurant for Burgers, Brats, and Beers. The food was delicious. We each had a burger, a beer/wine and shared fries and onion rings.IMG_20140614_153653_858

A great day. Type at you later.

Friday, June 13, 2014


On the 12th we drove in to Columbus to see and tour the Ohio State House. This is our first view of the State House. 2014-06-12 OH capitol IMG_20140612_110932_115 The non-dome looks more like a gun turret.  We did get some other views from across the street, and along the side. 2014-06-12 OH capitol IMG_20140612_135830_894 2014-06-12 OH capitol IMG_20140612_141019_380 We had a wonderful tour of the inside f4om a very knowledgeable docent who had spent 20 years as a lobbyist at this capitol. The dome includes the state seal. We learned that Ohio became a state in 1803, and this state house was started in 1838, but not finished until 1961. The reasons were political differences, a cholera epidemic, and labor difficulties as stated on a plaque. 2014-06-12 OH capitol IMG_20140612_140540_694 

When we arrived at Alum Creek State Park, Marilyn saw on Facebook that Barb and Fred Adkins were across the street at Cross Creek RV Park. So, with Facebook Messaging, she made contact Fred called and invited us to a burn your own for the night of the 12th.  It was a great evening visiting with them and their friends.

This morning, we left Alum Creek SP, and drove to Pier Lon RV Park near Medina, Oh.

Hugs, and type at you later.

Wednesday, June 11, 2014


We had a wonderful weekend visiting our daughter, Beverly, even meeting on of her co-workers. However, all things must come to an end, and Monday morning we drove 83 miles north to Alum Creek State Park near Delaware, Ohio. We were able to get one of their 3 full-hookup sites.

Yesterday, we went to see the animals in the area. Jack Hannah’s Columbus Ohio Zoo allowed us to North America”s animals without having to go to Alaska,  There were Bison, Moose, Elk, Reindeer, and bears, including a Polar Bear.2014-06-011 2014-06-012 2014-06-013 2014-06-014 2014-06-015 2014-06-016

They even had Eagles, 2014-06-020

Of course the Zoo also had animals from Africa, Asia and Australia. 2014-06-017 2014-06-018 2014-06-019 2014-06-021 2014-06-022 2014-06-023 2014-06-024

Today is a veg day because it is supposed to be stormy.

Type at you later.