Friday, May 29, 2015

2015-05-29 Blog from Elks Lodge 1858 in Florence, OR.

The broken tailpipe was fixed on the 27th by Southern Oregon Diesel. They are super nice people, and do good work in Roseburg, OR. After picking up our mail on the 28th, we left Timber Valley SKP park in Sutherlin, OR yesterday, and drove west on OR 138, and north on US 101 to the Elks Lodge in Florence, OR. Then, after getting set up we went to the Visitor’s Center to find out what to do in the area. I guess from what others are writing, Windows Live Writer will no longer post to Google’s blogspot. So, I am writing this post in Microsoft Word, and will not be posting pictures on the blog until I can figure out how. At least I can put pictures on Facebook. Hugs, and Type at you later.

Monday, May 25, 2015

2015-05-25 Memorial Day at Timber Valley SKP Park, Sutherlin, OR

I hope all of you have enjoyed your Memorial Day, and have given thanks to those who provided the Freedom for you to do so.


Yesterday,when I went out for the paper, these turkeys were strutting around. 20150524_08315220150524_083201. There have also been jackrabbits and deer. 


We went to Wal-Mart to shop. While Marilyn was shopping for groceries, I checked on the printer I want, and Staples (around the corner) had it for sale. It was more than the sale price I had seen in California, but without sales tax, it was not a lot more. Here are pictures of the old and the new. 20150524_14315120150525_160521. The old printer is a Canon all in one MX870 which will probable end up in an auction. The new printer is a Brother MFC 9340CDW color laser printer that does everything. We can even print from our phones and tablets.


This morning I changed all of the batteries in my TPMS sensors, and increased the air in some. After lunch, we took the mirror down from behind the kitchen counter. Then we put up stick on squares that look like tile.


Now barbecuing ribs for dinner.


Hugs, and Type at You Later.

Saturday, May 23, 2015

2015-05-23 Crater Lake

Marilyn read my blog from yesterday after I had published it, and said it didn’t happen quite that way. So, I have to say Mea Culpa. My short term memory isn't what it used to be. We did move the house from Grant’s Pass, OR to Sutherlin, OR. However, it was not from Harris Beach State Park, which is in Brookings, OR. It was in fact, from Schroeder County Park, in Grant’s Pass.


Today, we drove the Jeep to the North Entrance to Crater Lake National Park (100 miles each way plus driving in the Park). Screenshot (7) IMG_6135. The East Rim Drive was closed due to snow. It is only open in the summer and fall. But, we were able to drive the West Rim drive south to the Rim Village and the main Visitor Center. We were able to see the lake several times on the way to the lodge, and we took pictures, including snow, and ones by another couple of ourselves. IMG_6136IMG_6138IMG_6140IMG_6141IMG_6142IMG_6143. For lunch, we went to the Lodge. Marilyn had the trout, which she loved. I had the Tri-Tip steak. The fries were very good, but the steak was over done, and not nearly as good as Don Del Rosario’s. After lunch, we went to the main Visitor Center to view their great movie about the formation of Crater Lake from the eruption of Mount Mazama, and the collapse of the Mountain into a caldera that filled with water from rain and snow. Also, after lunch, the foggy cloud arrived to obliterate the lake. IMG_6146IMG_6147IMG_6148.


In June of 2004. Marilyn and I were last able to see Crater Lake. We were only able to enter the park from the south entrance. (Similar entrance sign. 2004-06-14-04-01 Crater Lake National Park). However, we were only able to drive to the Rim Village and Discovery Point. The Lake was much bluer. 2004-06-14-04-06 Crater Lake National Park, but the snow prevented our driving on either Rim Road.  Here are two pictures that we think are from approximately the same spot. The first is from 2004 2004-06-14-04-09 Crater Lake National Park, and the second from 2015 IMG_6154.  That is Marilyn in both pictures.


Hugs, and Type at you later.

Friday, May 22, 2015

2015-05-22 Timber Valley SKP Park, Sutherlin, OR

On Wednesday, we moved from Harris Beach State Park in Grant’s Pass, OR, to Timber Valley, the Escapees Co-op in Sutherlin, OR. Screenshot (5).

It is definitely a nice park. 20150520_142418.  While we were un-hitching the car, Marilyn asked if we had a rusty thing hanging below the back of the motorhome. When I checked it out, I found the tailpipe rusted through and dangling. IMG_6132, So, on Thursday, we drove down, with pictures, to Southern Oregon Diesel in Roseburg and made an appointment for next Wednesday to have the tailpipe replaced. Then we went to Lowes to get some tiles and Batteries Plus for TPMS sensor batteries.

This morning, we drove to Eugene, OR to see the birds in the Cascades Raptor Center. The rehabilitate birds so the con be released back into the wild, take care of those too badly injured to be released, and teach birds to “foster” sit on eggs.

For lunch, Marilyn and I went to the Tasty Thai Kitchen on E 29th Ave. The food was so delicious that we ate half for lunch, and the rest for dinner.

Hugs, and Type at you Later.

Sunday, May 17, 2015


Tuesday, the 12th, morning I found that we only had 2 gigabytes of data left until the 17th. So I turned off our wifi, and I turned off data on my phone.

After breakfast, we drove in to Brookings-Harbor to get a picture of the Pelican Bay Lighthouse. It is a privately built and owned lighthouse. The Coast Guard does maintain an operating light in its window. 20150512 Pelican Bay Lighthouse Brookings-Harbor, OR.

After lunch we drove to Gold Beach to a shop with Myrtlewood products. Marilyn found a bowl and a napkin holder.

On the way back to the house we stopped for pictures of:  Arch Rock 201505122015051220150512, Natural Bridges 2015051220150512, and Brandy tastings at Brandy Peak Distillery IMG_611720150512 Brandy Peak Distillery, Brookings, OR.

On Wednesday, the 13th, we had lunch with Brenda Molina and Rocky Lassiter at La Flor Mexican Restaurant in Brookings-Harbor, OR. Brenda was born in Hawaii. and met Rocky while he was stationed there. We had met them at the Elks in Eureka, CA. Marilyn is now friends with Brenda on Facebook.

On Thursday the 14th, we moved the house to Schroeder County Park in Grants Pass, OR. Marilyn took a couple of pictures of the view out our dinette window at lunch. DSC03160DSC03161.

On Friday, the 15th, we drove the Jeep to Medford, OR so I could shop for a new printer and we could have lunch at In-and-Out which was not open due to re-construction. We actually had another good lunch at Subway. I had been looking for a Color Laser Multi-function Printer that I had seen on sale in Eureka. Unfortunately it was no longer on sale. The functions I want that are hard to find in a small cheap laser printer are being able to scan and print on both sides of the paper. The Brother MFC 9340 povided all functions I wanted at $350 while we were in California, but now that we are in Oregon with no sales tax the cost is $450. Oh well, there will be other sales.

On Saturday, the 16th, I spent most of the day organizing pictures for my Family Tree Maker program and Marilyn cleaned, etc.

Today, the 17th, we turned the internet back on. We also drove the jeep back down US 199 in order to drive to the Oregon Caves National Monument. DSC03162DSC03163. We took the 90 minute tour inside the cave with its 500 uneven stair steps and 44 degree temperature. DSC03165DSC03167. There were some interesting formations. Of course pictures in the dark are not the same as in sunlight. 20150517_13104220150517_132503. It made for an interesting afternoon. We had good lunches in the Lodge Café. I had a Reuben, and Marilyn had a salmon burger.

Type at you later.

Monday, May 11, 2015


We moved the house 115 miles today from the Elks Lodge in Eureka, CA to Harris Beach State Park in Brookings, OR.

Screenshot (3)

Type at you later.

Sunday, May 10, 2015

2015-05-10 Happy Mother’s Day

Since today is Mother’s Day, we need pictures of Marilyn’s mom Image1-26 (Lucia Geis White), and my mom (Agnes Loretta McDonald Forbes) 1940 Forbes, Agnes Loretta McDonald.Yesterday afternoon Marilyn and went into the Eureka Elks Lodge for our buy one get one drinks at the bar. Elks get the coupons when they register for an RV site. While socializing we met another RVer that was just registering. She and her husband joined us this morning, when we went into the Lodge at 9:30 for a breakfast buffet.

After noon, Marilyn and I drove south on CA 101 to the Victorian Village of Ferndale. They have some beautiful old buildings downtown (stores and a hotel). 20150510_12420120150510_12434120150510_124714. I took this picture in a store window. 20150510_124444-001 It doesn’t matter which comes first because they are both delicious. Before driving home, we drove to the Old Depot Museum in Fortuna, CA, but it was closed due to Mothers’ Day.20150510_134103.

I guess it is now time to grill a steak and some scallops for our Mothers’ Day dinner.

Type at you later.

Friday, May 8, 2015

2015-05-08, Elks Lodge, Eureka, CA

We have been here at the Eureka Elks Lodge since April 30th. During that time we have been sightseeing, grocery shopping, and had to have a new key made for the Jeep. There is a lot to see in the area., including two replica lighthouses:

Table Bluff Lighthouse, Table Bluff Lighthouse, Eureka, CATable Bluff Lighthouse, Eureka, CATable Bluff Lighthouse, Eureka, CA, and its statue in remembrance of those lost at sea, Eureka, CA.

Trinidad Head Memorial Lighthouse, Trinidad Head Memorial Lighthouse, Trinidad, CATrinidad Head Memorial Lighthouse, Trinidad, CATrinidad Head Memorial Lighthouse, Trinidad, CA.

We walked the grounds where Fort Humboldt, Fort Humbolt, Eureka, CA, tried to keep the peace between the Europeans and Native Americans.

We walked one of the trails in the Humboldt Bay National Wildlife Refuge, Humbolt Bay National Wildlife RefugeHumbolt Bay National Wildlife Refuge.

We saw more big trees (redwoods) in Prairie Creek Redwood State Park, Prairie Creek Redwood State ParkPrairie Creek Redwood State ParkPrairie Creek Redwood State Park.

Returning from Prairie Creek State Park, we stopped to view the Elk at Elk Country RV Resort in Trinidad, CA. There were no visible elk in the state park. We also stopped to admire the California coastline. Elk Country RV Resort & Campground, Trinidad, CAElk Country RV Resort & Campground, Trinidad, CACalifornia Coast.

Yesterday we had a new key made for the Jeep, because mine did not require the press of a button to unlock and turn on the headlights. We also had lunch at the Samoa Cookhouse, which has been serving 3 meals per day for over 100 years to the lumber mill workers, etc. Samoa Cookhouse, Eureka, CA. There are no menus, because everyone eats the same thing family-style where seating I  at long tables. Our lunch consisted of a lettuce salad, 3-bean salad, large slices of bread, ham and black bean soup, southern-style fried boneless chicken breast, canned corn, baked beans, cake for dessert, along with water, coffee and/or tea. Note: the whole lunch was only $13 each with a 10% senior discount.

Today, Marilyn is cleaning. I am doing a blog, etc.,

Type at you later.