Friday, May 22, 2015

2015-05-22 Timber Valley SKP Park, Sutherlin, OR

On Wednesday, we moved from Harris Beach State Park in Grant’s Pass, OR, to Timber Valley, the Escapees Co-op in Sutherlin, OR. Screenshot (5).

It is definitely a nice park. 20150520_142418.  While we were un-hitching the car, Marilyn asked if we had a rusty thing hanging below the back of the motorhome. When I checked it out, I found the tailpipe rusted through and dangling. IMG_6132, So, on Thursday, we drove down, with pictures, to Southern Oregon Diesel in Roseburg and made an appointment for next Wednesday to have the tailpipe replaced. Then we went to Lowes to get some tiles and Batteries Plus for TPMS sensor batteries.

This morning, we drove to Eugene, OR to see the birds in the Cascades Raptor Center. The rehabilitate birds so the con be released back into the wild, take care of those too badly injured to be released, and teach birds to “foster” sit on eggs.

For lunch, Marilyn and I went to the Tasty Thai Kitchen on E 29th Ave. The food was so delicious that we ate half for lunch, and the rest for dinner.

Hugs, and Type at you Later.

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  1. nice you're in a part of your trip where you can chill for a while to fix your ills......stay well and you.