Sunday, May 10, 2015

2015-05-10 Happy Mother’s Day

Since today is Mother’s Day, we need pictures of Marilyn’s mom Image1-26 (Lucia Geis White), and my mom (Agnes Loretta McDonald Forbes) 1940 Forbes, Agnes Loretta McDonald.Yesterday afternoon Marilyn and went into the Eureka Elks Lodge for our buy one get one drinks at the bar. Elks get the coupons when they register for an RV site. While socializing we met another RVer that was just registering. She and her husband joined us this morning, when we went into the Lodge at 9:30 for a breakfast buffet.

After noon, Marilyn and I drove south on CA 101 to the Victorian Village of Ferndale. They have some beautiful old buildings downtown (stores and a hotel). 20150510_12420120150510_12434120150510_124714. I took this picture in a store window. 20150510_124444-001 It doesn’t matter which comes first because they are both delicious. Before driving home, we drove to the Old Depot Museum in Fortuna, CA, but it was closed due to Mothers’ Day.20150510_134103.

I guess it is now time to grill a steak and some scallops for our Mothers’ Day dinner.

Type at you later.


  1. Great pictures of the "moms"......sounds like a good day even if Depot Museum was closed. Too hot to venture out (91 - UGH).....I went to church, Paul slept in (we had stayed up to watch the rain-delayed NASCAR race which went off at 1:15).....then a quiet day of newspapers, puzzles and phone calls. Love to you guys

  2. p.s. oh yeah....and eating fruit.