Saturday, May 23, 2015

2015-05-23 Crater Lake

Marilyn read my blog from yesterday after I had published it, and said it didn’t happen quite that way. So, I have to say Mea Culpa. My short term memory isn't what it used to be. We did move the house from Grant’s Pass, OR to Sutherlin, OR. However, it was not from Harris Beach State Park, which is in Brookings, OR. It was in fact, from Schroeder County Park, in Grant’s Pass.


Today, we drove the Jeep to the North Entrance to Crater Lake National Park (100 miles each way plus driving in the Park). Screenshot (7) IMG_6135. The East Rim Drive was closed due to snow. It is only open in the summer and fall. But, we were able to drive the West Rim drive south to the Rim Village and the main Visitor Center. We were able to see the lake several times on the way to the lodge, and we took pictures, including snow, and ones by another couple of ourselves. IMG_6136IMG_6138IMG_6140IMG_6141IMG_6142IMG_6143. For lunch, we went to the Lodge. Marilyn had the trout, which she loved. I had the Tri-Tip steak. The fries were very good, but the steak was over done, and not nearly as good as Don Del Rosario’s. After lunch, we went to the main Visitor Center to view their great movie about the formation of Crater Lake from the eruption of Mount Mazama, and the collapse of the Mountain into a caldera that filled with water from rain and snow. Also, after lunch, the foggy cloud arrived to obliterate the lake. IMG_6146IMG_6147IMG_6148.


In June of 2004. Marilyn and I were last able to see Crater Lake. We were only able to enter the park from the south entrance. (Similar entrance sign. 2004-06-14-04-01 Crater Lake National Park). However, we were only able to drive to the Rim Village and Discovery Point. The Lake was much bluer. 2004-06-14-04-06 Crater Lake National Park, but the snow prevented our driving on either Rim Road.  Here are two pictures that we think are from approximately the same spot. The first is from 2004 2004-06-14-04-09 Crater Lake National Park, and the second from 2015 IMG_6154.  That is Marilyn in both pictures.


Hugs, and Type at you later.

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