Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Canada Day 55, July 31, 2012

Today we took the North Cape Coastal Drive just to see what was there.  Our first stop was a view of the Cascumpec Light Station,followed by the rear Northport Range Light.  DSC05365-001DSC05367

We also found Jude’s Point Light.  DSC05368

Then we moved on to North Cape Lighthouse.  This is the Northern-most point on PEI.    While here we went to the Wind and Energy Museum to learn about windmills generating electricity.  While there, we had lunch at the Wind and Reef Restaurant.  Marilyn had Seafood Crepes that she said were delicious, and I liked the fish and chips that I had.  DSC05371DSC05374DSC05378

We could see some of the 2K reef that extends out from the Cape.  It is almost covered at high tide.  DSC05377

Our next stop as we headed down the west side of PEI was the Seaweed Pie Café.  We read about the collection of Irish Moss and its uses in beauty products and ice cream.  We sampled the Seaweed Pie.  I won’t say that I would rush to get another piece, but I would not refuse to eat another one.  It was kind of a heavy blueberry whipped topping (green from the seaweed) on sponge cake.  IMG_0761  The placemat at the café showed us a picture of Howard’s Cove Lighthouse that was not in our books or flyers, so that was our next stop.  DSC05380

Our last stop of the day was at one of the most photographed lighthouses in the Maritimes – PEI’s West Point Lighthouse.  DSC05382DSC05383

Marilyn even climbed this one, so I took a picture of the beach from the top, and the light itself.  DSC05384DSC05385

Before we left, we both walked out on the beach to get our feet wet in the Gulf of St. Lawrence.

That is all for today.  Type at you later.

Monday, July 30, 2012

Canada Day 54, July 30, 2012

We moved again today, from Bayside RV Park in Oyster Bed Bridge to Crystal Beach Campground near Summerside, PEI.  The park is Passport America in the off-season, but even its seasonal rate is not bad by Northeast standards.  We paid C$34.65 per night, and will stay here for 4 nights while we do our sightseeing in the western side of PEI.  We will leave PEI on Friday via the Confederation Bridge.  2012-07-30 Bayside RV Campground to Crystal Beach Campground - Microsoft Streets & Trips 7302012 60107 PM  We have a water view site, and a beautiful view of Malpeque Bay through our windshield.  IMG_0754

After lunch we drove down to the Summerside waterfront where we stopped in to the Visitor Center, walked through the shops and the boardwalk.  We also stopped to take pictures of four different lighthouses.  The first lighthouse is Indian Head.  DSC05350-001  The second lighthouse is called Summerside Inner Range Light.  DSC05353DSC05355  The last two are called Summerside Front and Back Range lights.  DSC05356-001DSC05362-001

On the way back to the house, we did what everyone does, we stopped at the grocery store. 

That is all for today.  Type at you later.

Saturday, July 28, 2012

Canada Day 52, 2012-07-28

We have made our last stops in Anne’s Land.  Two more museums were enough, plus we purchased several Xmas presents for nieces.  We first stopped at the home of LM Montgomery’s birth.  Due to her mother’s illness, she only lived there for a couple of years.  2012-07-28 DSC020542012-07-28 DSC02055

Next, we stopped at “Silver Bush”, the farm of Lucy’s Aunt and Uncle, where she went to stay after her grandmother died.  This was also the home where she was married. 2012-07-28 DSC020562012-07-28 DSC02059  Silver Bush is also the location for the “Lake of Shining Waters”.  It is actually just a pond.  2012-07-28 DSC020572012-07-28 DSC02058

Of course, we can’t have a day without taking photos of lighthouses.  We found the following de-commissioned light named Old Fish Island in Cabot Provincial Park on PEI.  2012-07-28 DSC020622012-07-28 DSC02063

Then we  found Malpeque Outer Range  Front and Back Lights.  They were on Private Roads, but we found that I could take pictures near Twin Shores Camping Area (600 sites but expensive). 2012-07-0292012-07-030

We stopped for a nice lunch at the New London Seafood Restaurant.  Then we checked out the price of shellfish at Stanley Bridge.  We are back at the motorhome, and CTV has all day coverage of the Olympics.  We will see a lot of evening Olympic coverage.

That is all for today.  Type at you later.

Canada Day 51, July 27, 2012

We did some sightseeing (lighthouses), had a nice lunch of scallops, did some shopping and saw another lighthouse.  Then, on the way home, we stopped at the Cheese Lady’s for some more gouda.  We were home by cocktail time so we could watch the opening ceremonies of the London Olympics.  CTV, a Canadian over the air tv station is broadcasting the entire opening ceremonies.

Our first lighthouses were the Back and Front Brighton Beach Lighthouses.  We had seen them from a much greater distance yesterday.  DSC02042DSC02044

Next, we drove down by the waterfront, where we saw this horse drawn trolley.  This is the first one of these we have seenDSC02046

We had lunch of fried scallops with a Caesar Salad.  Marilyn also had a delicious seafood chowder, and I ordered a side of fries.

Next stop was Province House where PEI’s legislature has met since 1847.  As we arrived, a group of actors were discussing whether PEI should or should not join the federal government. DSC02047   This discussion takes place every afternoon at 1:00OPM.  Here is a picture of the Speaker’s desk and the Pillow on which rests the Mace when the legislature is in session. DSC02048  On the other side of the second floor, PEI maintains the room, tables etc. used during  the 1864 conference where Confederation of the Provinces was discussed.  Present at the conference were the four maritime provinces that organized the conference, and Canada (Upper and Lower Canada then, and Quebec and Ontario now).  The final conference was in London and the signing was on July 1, 1867.  PEI did not join until 6 years later.  DSC02049DSC02050DSC02051

Next up was the Hazzard Point Range Light.  It is on private property, so our picture is from the rear. DSC02053-001  On the way back to the house, we stopped to get some more Gouda Cheese from the Cheese Lady.

That would appear to be it for today.  Type at you later.

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Canada Day 50, July 26, 2012

We started today by driving to Port La Joye / Fort Amherst, just west of Charlottetown, PEI.  DSC05328  Almost every place here has a former name.  Prince Edward Island was Ile Saint-Jean; and Fort Amherst was Port La Joye (the capitol of Ile Saint-Jean when it was controlled by France).  Other than some earthworks, there is not much left of either fort.DSC05318  If you are interested in a little history and taking pictures of some lighthouses, then this is a national park worth visiting.  With a little walking around, we saw five lighthouses from Fort Amherst. 

The first light we saw was that of Blockhouse Point.  DSC05311DSC05332DSC05333  While we were observing this light, some young ladies from Ontario, on a vacation proposed and funded by one of their husbands, asked if we would take their group picture with each of their 5 cameras.  Afterwards, they took a picture of the two of us.  DSC05316

Across the bay, we could see Charlottetown DSC05315 and two range lights (Brighton Beach Front and Back Range Lights).  DSC05314-001

As we walked the trails of Fort Amherst, we were able to take pictures of the Fort Amherst, or Warren Cove, front and back range lights.  DSC05322DSC05323  We continued walking around, and found some wildlife.  DSC05326-001

Driving back to Charlottetown, we stopped at the Cows Creamery for pictures and a taste of the “best" ice-cream in Canada.  It says it is a premium ice-cream due to its 16% fat content.  It is only made on PEI, and compares to Ben & Jerry’s.  The taste was good, but the tour was not really worth the C$6.00 each.  Cows has sister companies that farm for oysters in Cavendish, and make Green Gables Chocolates next to the creamery.  The chocolate covered potato chips were good, but too expensive to purchase.  DSC05342DSC05338DSC05339DSC05341

Last, before driving back to the house, was a stop at the grocery store.

That’s it for now.  Type at you later.