Friday, July 20, 2012

Canada Day 40 & 41, July 16& 17, 2012

Day 40 was pretty much stay around the motorhome.  In the morning, Marilyn cleaned, and I caught up on some finances.  In the afternoon, we drove into Pictou, we thought, to tour Gohrman Knives.  They had an outlet store, and nothing we wanted.  We did not see any information about tours, so we left, and went shopping at Sobey’s Grocery Store before returning to the motorhome.

Day 41, we packed up and headed to the Caribou – Wood Island Ferry Terminal about 10:00am to take the 11:15am ferry in order to move over to Prince Edward Island.  Here is the lineup for the ferry.  2012-07-17 DSC052162012-07-17 DSC05218  These are pictures from Marilyn’s camera as we boarded the ferry.  2012-07-17 DSC020062012-07-17 DSC020072012-07-17 DSC020082012-07-17 DSC020092012-07-17 DSC02010

Now we say goodbye to Nova Scotia.  2012-07-17 DSC05224  We will not be returning this way.  The ferry to PEI is free, and the return trip is expensive.  We can save a few bucks by returning via the bridge to New Brunswick.  On the ferry trip, we saw cormorants, the Caribou Island Lighthouse, the ferry going in the other direction, the Wood Islands Light, along with the Wood Islands front and back range lights.  2012-07-17 DSC052262012-07-17 DSC05231 Caribou Island Light2012-07-17 DSC052342012-07-17 DSC05242 Wood Island Light2012-07-17 DSC05243 Ferry Dock Range Light  Upon arriving on Prince Edward Island, we drove about 15 kilometers to the Lord Selkirk Provincial Park.  It is mostly empty, so we have a nice pull-through site with water and 50 amp electric for C$ 28.35 per night.

After lunch, we drove to the Point Prim Lighthouse for pictures.  The keeper had a bed on one floor so he would not have to go from home to the light to re-wind every 4 hours.  Even the view is nice. 2012-07-17 DSC05244 Point Prim Lighthouse2012-07-17 DSC05245 Point Prim Lighthouse2012-07-17 DSC05247 Point Prim Lighthouse2012-07-17 DSC05248 Point Prim Lighthouse2012-07-17 DSC05249 Point Prim Lighthouse2012-07-17 DSC05251 Point Prim Lighthouse

That is enough for today.  Type at you later.

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