Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Canada Day 55, July 31, 2012

Today we took the North Cape Coastal Drive just to see what was there.  Our first stop was a view of the Cascumpec Light Station,followed by the rear Northport Range Light.  DSC05365-001DSC05367

We also found Jude’s Point Light.  DSC05368

Then we moved on to North Cape Lighthouse.  This is the Northern-most point on PEI.    While here we went to the Wind and Energy Museum to learn about windmills generating electricity.  While there, we had lunch at the Wind and Reef Restaurant.  Marilyn had Seafood Crepes that she said were delicious, and I liked the fish and chips that I had.  DSC05371DSC05374DSC05378

We could see some of the 2K reef that extends out from the Cape.  It is almost covered at high tide.  DSC05377

Our next stop as we headed down the west side of PEI was the Seaweed Pie Café.  We read about the collection of Irish Moss and its uses in beauty products and ice cream.  We sampled the Seaweed Pie.  I won’t say that I would rush to get another piece, but I would not refuse to eat another one.  It was kind of a heavy blueberry whipped topping (green from the seaweed) on sponge cake.  IMG_0761  The placemat at the café showed us a picture of Howard’s Cove Lighthouse that was not in our books or flyers, so that was our next stop.  DSC05380

Our last stop of the day was at one of the most photographed lighthouses in the Maritimes – PEI’s West Point Lighthouse.  DSC05382DSC05383

Marilyn even climbed this one, so I took a picture of the beach from the top, and the light itself.  DSC05384DSC05385

Before we left, we both walked out on the beach to get our feet wet in the Gulf of St. Lawrence.

That is all for today.  Type at you later.

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