Monday, July 9, 2012

Canada Day 33, July 9, 2012

Yesterday, as we were driving to Baddeck, NS, we stopped at a pull-off for Marilyn to take a picture of St Ann’s Bay.  2012-07-08 DSC01940 St Ann's Bay

This morning, we went to the Alexander Graham Bell National Historic Site.  Bell was born in Scotland in 1847, and moved to Ontario, CA in 1870.  After making a fortune with the telephone, he moved to Washington DC.  He and his wife Mabel found Baddeck, NS to be the perfect location for their summer home.  It is still owned by his descendants, and not open to the public.  However, they had donated many items from his laboratory to the Canadian government to be kept in a museum.  In addition to his many inventions, Bell worked with the deaf to teach communication skills.  His wife was one of his early students having gone deaf at 5 years of age, and his mother went deaf in her later years.  Therefore, in addition to the many exhibits for adults, the museum has many activities for children.  If you are ever in the Cape Breton area, this museum should be on your bucket list.2012-07-09 DSC019462012-07-09 DSC01948 

There are good views of the Kidston Island Lighthouse from the Bell Museum.  2012-07-09 DSC01943 Kidston Island Lighthouse2012-07-09 DSC01947  We returned to the house for lunch, and, after a nap went back to town to see a small town museum in the Old Post Office.  Then it was time to stop at a store for some fresh haddock, and a grocery store.  That is all for today.

Type at you later.

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