Friday, July 20, 2012

Canada Day 43. July 19, 2013

Today was a 5 lighthouse, 2 distilleries and a grocery store day, which put about 150 miles on the jeep.  Map - Microsoft Streets & Trips 7192012 74858 PM  The lighthouses that we visited were: 

Shipwreck Point.  2012-07-19 DSC05279 Shipwreck Point  At Shipwreck Point, we had to drive over this old wooden one-lane bridge.  2012-07-19 DSC05280 one lane bridge Naufrage2012-07-19 DSC05281 one lane bridge Naufrage

Eastpoint Light (Easternmost point on PEI).  2012-07-19 DSC05283 East Point Light

Souris Light:  2012-07-19 DSC05288 Souris Light

Annondale Front and Back Range Lights:  2012-07-19 DSC05292 Annandale front-back2012-07-19 DSC05293 Annandale front-back

Our final stop was at the Georgetown Front and Back Range Lights.  2012-07-19 DSC05299 Georgetown front-back2012-07-19 DSC05300 Georgetown front-back

Before we reached Prince Edward Distillery for a tour and tasting of Potato Vodka.  Potatoes are a major crop on PEI, and made for a nice smooth vodka.  After the Souris Light stop, we went to The Myriad View Artisan Distillery where we tasted moonshine.  Then in Montague we stopped at a grocery store.

That’s it for today.  Hugs, and I will type at you later.

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