Friday, July 13, 2012

Canada Day 37, July 13, 2012

Yesterday, we bought gas for the Jeep near Baddeck, NS for C$1.237, and today they raised the price to C$1.297 per liter.  Glad we bought gas yesterday.  They said on TV that the price per barrel was going down while the price per liter was going up 6 cents.  They did say that the price on PEI would only go up to C$1.197.  Oh well, I am sure that the prices in the US are crazy also.

This morning, we left Baddeck, and Cape Breton, NS behind us, and returned to the Nova Scotia Mainland.  We are currently camped in Pictou, NS, just a few kilometers from the PEI Ferry.  We are camped at the Harbor Light Trailer Park & Campground, a Passport America park that grants a 25% discount during the season with no limit on nights – price C$25.50 per night. 2012-07-13 9585 Trans Canada Hwy, Victoria NS to Harbour Light Trailer Court & Campground - Microsoft Streets & Trips 7132012 55021 PM

As we reached the Canso Causeway (road between Cape Breton Island and the mainland NS, also the Strait of Canso), we stopped to take a picture of Balache Point Range Light.  2012-07-13 DSC01979 Balache Point Range LightAs we neared the end of the Canso Causeway, we saw people stopped in the Truck Scales looking out into the Strait.  We stopped also, and saw these mammals (maybe pilot whales or harbor seals?).  2012-07-13 DSC019802012-07-014

That’s all for today.  Type at you later.

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