Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Canada Days 26, 27, & 28, July 2, 3, & 4, 20012

Actually, I am going to start earlier, because on the 30th of June, I forgot to include Marilyn’s high tide on the beach photos.  Of course, in order to refresh your memory, here are the two low tide pictures at 2:30pm.  DSC01867DSC01871  Now here are the high tide pictures at 7:30pm.  DSC01872DSC01875

On the First of July, we drove to Digby, where we stopped at the visitor center, saw where the Saint John ferry arrives, took pictures at the Point Prim Lightstation, and had Digby’s World Famous Scallops for lunch (only they were not cooked enough, oh well).   This is Point Prim’s Lightstation, with a pretty flower.  Point Prim LightstationDSC04995DSC04996-001DSC04997

On the second of July, we went whale watching.  When we were in Digby, we went to the visitor center, and the ladies told us that we would not be able to go whale watching in PEI as we had planned.  They said we would do much better if we went in the Bay of Fundy.  So, we drove the Digby Neck to the ferries to Freeport, Long Island, NS and then to Westport, NS to go whale watching.  Church Point to Westport, NS Here are the welcome signs to Freeport and Westport.  DSC05018IMG_0722IMG_0723-001

We not only saw whales, but we saw lighthouses, Shearwaters and Seals.  But first, some pictures.  We thought Dennis Hill would enjoy the picture of the Orange Folks Going Whale Watching in the Zodiac, but we rode more comfortably in the Mega Nova. DSC01884DSC05014IMG_0720  We saw harbor porpoises, but did not get their pictures.  But we did see 6 humpback whales – 2 pairs, and 2 singles.  Here are the whale heads:  DSC05029-001DSC05030-001DSC05033-001  Followed by the pairs:  DSC05052-001DSC05054-001DSC05074-001DSC05088-001  Of course, we have to have whale tails:  DSC05057-001DSC05079-001DSC05090-001  I did get a couple of pictures of birds (shearwaters), and some seals.  DSC05080-001DSC05081-001DSC05091  After including all of the animals, we still have pictures of lighthouses.  First was Boarshead Light:  DSC05004  Then we saw Peter’s Island Light:  DSC05009  Followed by the Grand Passage (North) light at the Coast Guard Station:  DSC05016DSC05023  The last light of the day was the Brier Island (West) Lightstation:  DSC05021

Ok, July 3rd.  We left Belle Baie Park in Church Point on the morning of the 3rd headed toward Cape Breton Island.  However, we only made it as far as Antigonish, NS, where we spent the night at Wal-Mart after driving 278 miles.  We bought fuel in Truro, NS at C$1.206 per liter. Church Point to Antigonish Wal-Mart

July 4th.  Happy US Independence Day.  We drove another 136 miles to Louisbourg, NS on Cape Breton Island.  Antigonish WalMart to Lourisbourg Motorhome & RV Park  We are staying at Louisbourg Motorhome RV Park & Campground the rate is C$27 including an Escapees 10% discount.  After setting-up, lunch and checking email, we drove around town.  The first pictures are of Fortress Louisbourg (I will provide more description when we visit it later this week).  DSC05094DSC05095  We also drove by the Louisbourg lighthouse to get some pictures.  DSC05101DSC05103DSC05107

I apologize for the length of this blog, but whale watching found us home to late to publish, and we were without internet last night at Wal-Mart.

Type at you later.

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