Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Canada Day 34, July 10, 2010

Today we took a van tour of the Cabot Trail – the driver plus Marilyn and I (the tour was C$85 each).  The drive was 280 kilometers, or 175 miles, and I did enjoy not having to do the driving – I think if we had driven the trail ourselves, we would have spent C$50 for fuel, plus the C$13 for the National Park entrance fees, so we would not have saved a tremendous amount.  The road was not bad, but by driving it myself, we would have missed the stories about the views, towns and people along the trail.  Tour buses do drive the trail, but I would recommend driving it in a smaller vehicle.  The trail took us from Baddeck, across St Ann’s Bay by ferry, along the Atlantic coast, around the Cape Breton Highlands National Park, then along the Gulf of St Lawrence, and back through the Margaree river valley, and back to Baddeck, NS.   2012-07-10 DSC05111Map - Microsoft Streets & Trips 2012-07-10 7102012 40236 PM 

The coastline views along the trail at pull-offs were gorgeous.  2012-07-10 DSC051122012-07-10 DSC051142012-07-10 DSC05117

The ski trails were used during the Canadian Games, which were like our Olympic Trials.  2012-07-10 DSC05116

We stopped at Green Cove to walk out on the rocks, and I took a picture of the van we rode in.    2012-07-10 DSC051182012-07-10 DSC051212012-07-10 DSC05122

We did get pictures of Neil’s Harbor Lighthouse.  2012-07-10 DSC051232012-07-10 DSC05124

The harbors are man-made.  2012-07-10 DSC05129

This was an interesting sign about what you are if you are not Scottish.  2012-07-10 DSC05130

We went down a 13% 3 kilometer grade, and passed this re-creation of a thatched roof Scottish drover’s hut that might be used in inclement weather.2012-07-10 DSC051332012-07-10 DSC05136

We had delicious Lobster Burgers (lobster salad on a hamburger bun) with fries (Marilyn had fish chowder) for lunch for C$15, and they were very good.  2012-07-10 DSC05138

Now here is our first stop on the Gulf of St Lawrence.  2012-07-10 DSC05140

We passed these rocks that were topped by Cormorants.  2012-07-10 DSC051502012-07-10 DSC05151-001

We stopped at this Catholic Church in Cheticamp, (an Acadian settlement).  2012-07-10 DSC019492012-07-10 DSC01950

We are back at the house for social hour, so – Type at you later.

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