Saturday, July 14, 2012

Canada Day 38, July 14, 2012

We started today by driving down to the port to see the ferry to PEI (Prince Edward Island).  At the visitor center we received information about the ferry, and what to see when we go to PEI.  Here are pictures of the ferry arriving, unloading, loading, and now leaving Nova Scotia for Prince Edward Island.  DSC05191

After lunch, we took naps, and then drove down to the town of Pictou to see what was on the waterfront.  We first took pictures of the recreated lighthouse, and a lobster research center. 2012-07-14 DSC051922012-07-14 DSC05193

Next up was a museum about, and a replica of the Tall Ship Hector.  The Hector was important to the history of Nova Scotia, because it brought the first 189 Gaels to Nova Scotia.  The Scottish people were being forced off their rented land to make room for more sheep. 2012-07-14 DSC052002012-07-14 DSC05207 Here is Marilyn climbing out of the Hector’s hatch.2012-07-14 DSC05205   In the museum, we even found that there were Forbes’ on the Hector.  I do not know that I am related to anyone from the Hector.  2012-07-14 DSC05202

For dinner, we stopped at Logan’s Fish Store to pick up our weekly 3lb lobster.  They only charged C$6 per lb.  2012-07-14 DSC05208

That’s it for today.  Type at you later.

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