Thursday, July 26, 2012

Canada Day 50, July 26, 2012

We started today by driving to Port La Joye / Fort Amherst, just west of Charlottetown, PEI.  DSC05328  Almost every place here has a former name.  Prince Edward Island was Ile Saint-Jean; and Fort Amherst was Port La Joye (the capitol of Ile Saint-Jean when it was controlled by France).  Other than some earthworks, there is not much left of either fort.DSC05318  If you are interested in a little history and taking pictures of some lighthouses, then this is a national park worth visiting.  With a little walking around, we saw five lighthouses from Fort Amherst. 

The first light we saw was that of Blockhouse Point.  DSC05311DSC05332DSC05333  While we were observing this light, some young ladies from Ontario, on a vacation proposed and funded by one of their husbands, asked if we would take their group picture with each of their 5 cameras.  Afterwards, they took a picture of the two of us.  DSC05316

Across the bay, we could see Charlottetown DSC05315 and two range lights (Brighton Beach Front and Back Range Lights).  DSC05314-001

As we walked the trails of Fort Amherst, we were able to take pictures of the Fort Amherst, or Warren Cove, front and back range lights.  DSC05322DSC05323  We continued walking around, and found some wildlife.  DSC05326-001

Driving back to Charlottetown, we stopped at the Cows Creamery for pictures and a taste of the “best" ice-cream in Canada.  It says it is a premium ice-cream due to its 16% fat content.  It is only made on PEI, and compares to Ben & Jerry’s.  The taste was good, but the tour was not really worth the C$6.00 each.  Cows has sister companies that farm for oysters in Cavendish, and make Green Gables Chocolates next to the creamery.  The chocolate covered potato chips were good, but too expensive to purchase.  DSC05342DSC05338DSC05339DSC05341

Last, before driving back to the house, was a stop at the grocery store.

That’s it for now.  Type at you later.

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