Sunday, July 15, 2012

Canada Day 39, July 15, 2012

We began today by driving part of the Sunrise Trail to see a couple of lighthouses.  First was the Arisaig Harbor Lighthouse built in 2007, and then we stopped at the Cape St George Lighthouse.  2012-07-15 DSC052112012-07-15 DSC05213

After seeing the two lighthouses, we drove down to Antigonish to go their 149th Highland Games. 2012-07-15 DSC01989

The total trip along the Sunrise Trail, and return to Harbor Light Campground was a total of 208 kilometers (129 miles).

The first Antigonish Highland Games was in 1863.  Its location was in a park with most activities in a track infield, with a few vendors on the perimeter.  There were no food vendors with Scottish food, so we ended up with fish and chips.  The Sheaf Toss was interesting because of the equipment they used to raise the pole.  2012-07-15 DSC019902012-07-15 DSC01992  The dancing competition was in a band shell.  2012-07-15 DSC01993   They had the Caber Toss.  2012-07-016  There were Drum Lines and Pipe Bands Practicing.  2012-07-15 DSC019912012-07-15 DSC01994  Then the bands had to compete.  2012-07-15 DSC02004  The Farmers’ walk was a competition that we had never seen in Highland Games in the USA.  The contestants had to walk 100 feet carrying two pieces of “farm” equipment weighing 200 lbs each (that is a total of 400 pounds).2012-07-15 DSC01999  After the farmers’ walk, they had a final “tug of war” competition.  2012-07-15 DSC020022012-07-15 DSC02003

We made it back to the house for 5:00 Sunday Cocktails, so all was well for today.

Hugs, and Type at You Later!

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