Saturday, July 28, 2012

Canada Day 52, 2012-07-28

We have made our last stops in Anne’s Land.  Two more museums were enough, plus we purchased several Xmas presents for nieces.  We first stopped at the home of LM Montgomery’s birth.  Due to her mother’s illness, she only lived there for a couple of years.  2012-07-28 DSC020542012-07-28 DSC02055

Next, we stopped at “Silver Bush”, the farm of Lucy’s Aunt and Uncle, where she went to stay after her grandmother died.  This was also the home where she was married. 2012-07-28 DSC020562012-07-28 DSC02059  Silver Bush is also the location for the “Lake of Shining Waters”.  It is actually just a pond.  2012-07-28 DSC020572012-07-28 DSC02058

Of course, we can’t have a day without taking photos of lighthouses.  We found the following de-commissioned light named Old Fish Island in Cabot Provincial Park on PEI.  2012-07-28 DSC020622012-07-28 DSC02063

Then we  found Malpeque Outer Range  Front and Back Lights.  They were on Private Roads, but we found that I could take pictures near Twin Shores Camping Area (600 sites but expensive). 2012-07-0292012-07-030

We stopped for a nice lunch at the New London Seafood Restaurant.  Then we checked out the price of shellfish at Stanley Bridge.  We are back at the motorhome, and CTV has all day coverage of the Olympics.  We will see a lot of evening Olympic coverage.

That is all for today.  Type at you later.

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