Sunday, September 20, 2015

2015-09-20 Sunday. Dayton Tall Timbers KOA

We arrived here on Wednesday to visit our daughter, Beverly, and her boyfriend, Gene.


On the 8th, we drove to Hart, MI for the Escapees Chapter 6 rally. We met up with friends we had not seen for a long time, and made some new ones. We ate out well, had a lasagna dinner, had a potluck breakfast, and hitches pastries. Lee & Marsha Squires took us driving around the area including Little Au Sable Lighthouse. 2015-09-09 Little Au Sable Lighthouse2015-09-09 Little Au Sable Lighthouse. We did tour Country Dairy where they milk 1300 cows 3 times per day. They have a total herd of 2500. We did see a calf that was less than 2 hours old being licked by its mother. 2015-09-10 Country Dairy Tour.


After the rally, we drove to New Buffalo, MI on the 13th, where we had planned to visit Maureen Lubke. Before we had left the rally, Jimmie & Penny Hamann called and invited us to stay on his farm  It was a wonderful stay. We went to Casey’s the first night, and the second night, Penny fried Bass and Crappie for us. Great visit with Maureen, Jimmie & Penny.


We left New Buffalo on the 15th, and drove to Shipshewana, IN to visit Richard & Joan Micelli (our VCR parents). We even got to see Steve Masterson and his wife who were staying at the same campground.


Then, on Thursday, the 17th, we drove to Trotwood, OH. We went to dinner at Chappy’s with Gene and Bev. Last night, Amy, one of Bev’s college roommates who plays French horn for the Dayton Symphony, was able acquire comp tickets for us at the Benjamin & Marian Schuster Performing Arts Theater for their performance of “American Mosaic”. Today, 15 of us went to lunch with Beverly’s boyfriend’s family, including cousins from Kansas. He has a delightful family.

Monday, September 7, 2015

2015-09-07–Labor Day–Whispering Pines Family CG, Mancelona, MI

Marilyn and I are enjoying our Labor Day weekend. We arrived here on Thursday. Then Friday we drove to Traverse City to get our first Sam’s Club shopping fix since California, a couple of months ago. We refilled Marilyn’s Rx’s at CVS (first CVS since California) and Wal-Mart.


Saturday we did cleanup work around the house. That evening, I checked my “Get Windows 10” App” sometime after 8pm, and learned that my Free Copy of Windows 10 was downloading in the background. By 10:30pm it was both downloaded and installed on my Microsoft Surface Pro 3. I went to bed, and waited until Sunday morning to begin playing with it. I have had no problems, and am starting to like it. Of course many things are in different places. Note that in order to download the Get Windows 10 App, you must sign up for a Microsoft Account, after which Microsoft will check out your computer for compatibility, and will schedule your download. Of course you can go to the Microsoft website and start your own download of Windows 10 without the compatibility check. We drove to Gaylord, MI for a Wal-Mart fix because our list had been forgotten on Friday. At least we had something to do. Back by 3pm, Marilyn finished getting our ribs ready for me to finish on the grill – delicious as always.


Today, Marilyn had some articles to write for the Chapter 57 newsletter, and I needed to send a treasurer’s report plus write a short blog.

Thursday, September 3, 2015


We left Sault Sainte Marie, Canada on the 30th of August, and drove across the bridge into the US at Sault Sainte Marie. Here are pictures from the bridge and the US Customs booths. 2015-08-30 International Bridge between Sault Ste Marie's2015-08-30 International Bridge between Sault Ste Marie's2015-08-30 International Bridge between Sault Ste Marie's2015-08-30 International Bridge between Sault Ste Marie's.


Tuesday, 09/01, We watched this freighter heading down river in front of the Aune-Osborn Campground first thing in the morning. 2015-09-01 Aune-Osborn CG Soo Locks.  After lunch we drove in to town in order to take the 1:30pm Soo Locks Boat Tour. 2015-09-02. We saw another freighter going up river. 2015-09-01 Soo Locks Tour. This is our little tour boat. 2015-09-01 Soo Locks Tour. We headed towards the American side locks. 2015-09-01 Soo Locks Tour2015-09-01 Soo Locks Tour2015-09-01 Soo Locks Tour. Along the way, we saw this Fake Lighthouse. 2015-09-01 Soo Locks Tour. On the up-river side of the locks, we went by the Canadian Algoma Steel Mill and its piles of Taconite, etc. 2015-09-01 Soo Locks Tour. The tour took us back down-river through the old Canadian side lock. 2015-09-01 Soo Locks Tour2015-09-01 Soo Locks Tour - Canadian Lock2015-09-01 Soo Locks Tour - Canadian Lock.


In the afternoon of 09/02 we went to both the Soo Lock’s Visitor Center and the Sault Ste. Marie Farmer's Market.  In The Visitor Center we saw “Two Ships Passing in The Daytime” through the locks.2015-09-02 Soo Locks' Visitor Center.


Today, 09/03, we moved south across the Mackinac Bridge to Whispering Pines RV Resort in Mancelona, MI. We will be for the Labor Day weekend. Of course we will find some lighthouses and shop at our first Sam’s Club since California.


Hugs, and Type at You Later.