Monday, September 7, 2015

2015-09-07–Labor Day–Whispering Pines Family CG, Mancelona, MI

Marilyn and I are enjoying our Labor Day weekend. We arrived here on Thursday. Then Friday we drove to Traverse City to get our first Sam’s Club shopping fix since California, a couple of months ago. We refilled Marilyn’s Rx’s at CVS (first CVS since California) and Wal-Mart.


Saturday we did cleanup work around the house. That evening, I checked my “Get Windows 10” App” sometime after 8pm, and learned that my Free Copy of Windows 10 was downloading in the background. By 10:30pm it was both downloaded and installed on my Microsoft Surface Pro 3. I went to bed, and waited until Sunday morning to begin playing with it. I have had no problems, and am starting to like it. Of course many things are in different places. Note that in order to download the Get Windows 10 App, you must sign up for a Microsoft Account, after which Microsoft will check out your computer for compatibility, and will schedule your download. Of course you can go to the Microsoft website and start your own download of Windows 10 without the compatibility check. We drove to Gaylord, MI for a Wal-Mart fix because our list had been forgotten on Friday. At least we had something to do. Back by 3pm, Marilyn finished getting our ribs ready for me to finish on the grill – delicious as always.


Today, Marilyn had some articles to write for the Chapter 57 newsletter, and I needed to send a treasurer’s report plus write a short blog.

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