Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Canada Day 56, August 1, 2012

Seven months of the year are gone, and we are starting the eighth.  We woke up to a gray and rainy morning, so we were not in a hurry to start sightseeing.  We did leave before lunch, and our first stop was “Les Maisons de Bouteilles” (The Bottle House).  It was started by Edouard T. Arsenault.  He was also the last lighthouse keeper at the Cap Egmont.  Arsenault started the house because he had seen a similar one on Vancouver Island.  The one he built had to be re-constructed, and other buildings were added to create a museum.  For those who have been to south Florida, the museum reminded us of “Solomon’s Castle”.  First is the chapel – notice the cross made from beer bottles.  2012-08-01 DSC020732012-08-01 DSC020742012-08-01 DSC02075

Here are pictures of the house itself – notice the bottles on the rafters.  2012-08-01 DSC020772012-08-01 DSC020792012-08-01 DSC02082

They have a replica of the Cap Egmont Lighthouse since he was its last light keeper. 2012-08-01 DSC02080

The place would not be complete without a tavern.  Of course, the bar is stocked with empty bottles.  2012-08-01 DSC020832012-08-01 DSC02088

We did stop to take a picture of the actual Egmont Light.  2012-08-01 DSC02090

Our final stop for the day was the PEI Potato Museum.  2012-08-01 DSC02092  After paying the C$7 each admission price we proceeded to the café for lunch.  We each had Potato Soup with a Biscuit, and we shared a small order of fries.  We did not finish the fries, so we will have the leftovers tomorrow night heated up with the fish.  After lunch we actually went through the museum.  Even old folks like us can learn new things.  The potato came from the South American Andes area where it was cultivated by the Incas.  Spain introduced the potato to Europe, and thus it has moved to other continents.  Today, China and Russia are the number 1 and 2 producers of potatoes, with Russia producing the highest per-capita amount.  Canada is number 3 in potato production, with PEI producing the most.

That is all for today.  Type at you later.

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