Thursday, August 2, 2012

Canada Day 57, August 2, 2012

Today was our last day of sightseeing on PEI.  Tomorrow, we will leave via the Confederation Bridge.  Our first stop was in Fernwood, PEI to see the Seacow Head Light.  Sea Cow Head Light    Looking out to the Northumberland Strait, we saw the eight mile Confederation Bridge for the first time.  The bridge spans the Northumberland Strait from Borden-Carleton, PEI to Cape Jourimain, NB.  2012-08-02 DSC05394

We continued along the coastal trail to Borden-Carleton to get more information about the bridge crossing, and to see the local lighthouses.  The toll on the bridge is C$44.25 for the first two axel vehicle, and C$7.25 for each additional axel.  We just hope it is not too windy tomorrow for the crossing.  We saw the following lighthouses near the bridge.  Borden Pier LightBorden LightBorden Light 1

After leaving Borden-Carleton, we drove to Victoria Seaport to take pictures of the following lights, plus to get lunch on the pier.  (Our lunch specials were 2 cheeseburgers plus corn chowder for me, and clam chowder for Marilyn.  They were great.) Victoria Seaport Light 1Victoria Seaport Light 2Victoria Seaport Light 3

On our way  back to the house, we stopped at the harbor area of Summerside to buy 5 pounds of frozen haddock, and found the Peacemaker in port giving tours.  We only took pictures.  Peacemaker Summerside dockPeacemaker Summerside dockPeacemaker Summerside dock 

That is it for today.  Type at you later.

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