Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Tuesday & Wednesday, August 7&8, 2012

We stayed close on Tuesday.  Marilyn shopped at Wal-Mart and the grocery store.  I added text to some pictures, and created a slide show for Marilyn’s digital picture frame.  Other than that, we watched some boob tube (Olympics).  We did meet some SKPs that moved in to the CG, and talked for a while.

Today, Wednesday, we drove back in to Canada for a tour of the Covered Bridge Potato Chip Factory.  2012-08-08 DSC054132012-08-08 DSC05414 The tour is great.  They give a large bag of Kettle Chips to sample on the tour.  They have good signs depicting the origin of the use of the potato in Europe and America, how they are harvested, cleaned and processed into potato chips.  They recognized the origin of the Potato Chip as Saratoga Potatoes in 1853 (first time that they are fried).

Next stop was to take pictures of, and walk across the longest covered bridge in the world.  At least that is what the sign says.  2012-08-08 DSC054152012-08-08 DSC054162012-08-08 DSC054202012-08-08 DSC05421

After leaving Hartland, NB, we drove back to Woodstock, NB in search of lunch which we found at Krissy’s Café.  After having eaten all of those potato chips at the Covered Bridge Potato Chip Factory, we were only able to eat half of our sandwiches.  So, we brought the second halves home for dinner.

We stopped for some groceries at the Atlantic Superstore that we wanted to stock up on.  They were local brands of cookies and salsa that are not found in the States.  Then we stopped at the Canadian Duty Free Store where Marilyn bought a shirt, and we converted the balance of our Canadian currency back into US dollars.

We have said goodby to Canada for this year.

Type at you later.

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