Thursday, August 23, 2012

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Yesterday, we continued moving on US 11 across the top of NY State, and then picked up the Seaway Trail heading south to Merry Knoll Campground near Clayton NY and the Thousand Islands.  In the afternoon, I scanned some genealogy documents.  Before dinner, Tom and Elaine, from Sumter Oaks, stopped by to talk.

This morning, I organized some of the files that I had scanned yesterday.  Then, this afternoon, we drove to Evans Mills to take some pictures in the Old Evans Mills Cemetery.  We found the grave stones of two of my 2nd great grandfathers – Adam Forbes, and John Wilson Northrup and his wife Hanna; and John Northrup and his wife Elizabeth Wilson.

Driving back from the cemetery in Evans Mills, we stopped at an Amish farm for some vegetables – sweet corn, tomatoes, cucumbers and garlic.  We also drove through the town of Clayton so Marilyn could look for xmas paper at the xmas store.  They did not have any.  We were looking to wrap some of the gifts we purchased in Canada to leave in Oswego (trying to eliminate taking them to Florida and shipping them back).  We will find some somewhere.

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