Monday, August 6, 2012

Sunday & Monday, August 5&6, 2012

Sunday, we stayed around the house, a little maintenance, a walk, and relaxed.

This morning, we drove back into Canada via the Houlton border crossing, and then drove up to Bristol, NB to see the Potato World Museum in New Brunswick.  DSC02104DSC02106DSC02107  Just as in PEI’s potato museum, we learned that potatoes are very nutritious depending on what you add to the potato.  Of course the fries we had for lunch at their cafĂ© were not the best way to eat potatoes.

After leaving the potato museum, we drove to Florenceville, where we saw this partially covered bridge (the original bridge had burned).  We also had hot fudge sundaes to complete our lunches.DSC02108DSC02109DSC02110

We headed north from Florencville intending to cross the river at the next bridge before heading back to Houlton.  The next bridge was in Perth-Andover.  We crossed the river, and went back to Bristol to cross back in to the US.  Today was our lucky day, and we were the “x” number car that had to be searched.  We parked, filled out the declaration form, they found nothing (we knew that would not be anything), and were on our way back to Houlton in a lot less time than if we had gone back to the I-95 crossing in Houlton.  (When we crossed this morning the US back-up was horrendous. 

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