Friday, June 13, 2014


On the 12th we drove in to Columbus to see and tour the Ohio State House. This is our first view of the State House. 2014-06-12 OH capitol IMG_20140612_110932_115 The non-dome looks more like a gun turret.  We did get some other views from across the street, and along the side. 2014-06-12 OH capitol IMG_20140612_135830_894 2014-06-12 OH capitol IMG_20140612_141019_380 We had a wonderful tour of the inside f4om a very knowledgeable docent who had spent 20 years as a lobbyist at this capitol. The dome includes the state seal. We learned that Ohio became a state in 1803, and this state house was started in 1838, but not finished until 1961. The reasons were political differences, a cholera epidemic, and labor difficulties as stated on a plaque. 2014-06-12 OH capitol IMG_20140612_140540_694 

When we arrived at Alum Creek State Park, Marilyn saw on Facebook that Barb and Fred Adkins were across the street at Cross Creek RV Park. So, with Facebook Messaging, she made contact Fred called and invited us to a burn your own for the night of the 12th.  It was a great evening visiting with them and their friends.

This morning, we left Alum Creek SP, and drove to Pier Lon RV Park near Medina, Oh.

Hugs, and type at you later.

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