Tuesday, April 21, 2015

2015-04-21 Travelhome RV Park, Yuba City, CA

We had to go to another Dollar Tree because we needed an anniversary card for my sister and brother-in-law. While in the store, Marilyn saw this dancing Hula Girl, and needed her for her garden. 20150418_111257.

On Saturday, 18th we met Dennis and Carol Hill for lunch at Applebee’s here in Yuba City. It was a g00d Applebee’s, but the conversation about good times was the best.  Dennis tried to prevent my taking a picture of Carol. 20150418_122707. But, I got a picture anyway. 20150418_122717.

Sunday was a work around the house day. Marilyn cleaned, and I added some tombstone pictures to Ancestry.com. Monday was a Wal-Mart shopping day.

Today, we drove a whole 3 miles across the river to Marysville, CA for lunch at the Silver Dollar Saloon with our wonderful friends Frank and Gloria King. IMG_5997. They both looked good, and we thoroughly enjoyed both the lunch and the conversation. 20150421_153805. Next to and behind the Silver Dollar Saloon is the Portal, Pavilion, and Temple which commemorates the large Chinese population that was part of the founding of Marysville. IMG_5998SSSIMG_6001.

After lunch today, Marilyn and I drove 25 miles east of Marysville to Bridgeport Covered Bridge. The bridge was built in 1862 by David I Wood. At 229 feet in length, it is thought to be the longest single span truss /arch covered bridge in the US. It is also one of only nine remaining covered bridges in California, and is under re-construction. IMG_6008.

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  1. Love those covered bridges. We love them so much Bill and I did the Madison County ones twice in 24 hours, since I thought I lost my phone at one of them.