Friday, April 10, 2015


We left on a Jeep trip this morning twisting and turning, up and down, left and right, over the pastures, and down to the Pacific Coast to see the Point Reyes Lighthouse.  After parking in the parking lot, we started walking up the hill, but had to take a wildlife picture. IMG_5963. We continued our walk up and over the hill, where we found these trees bent by the wind off the Pacific, and some pretty flowers hanging on to the rocks. IMG_5964IMG_5966. Our first view of the Point Reyes Lighthouse also shows the 300 plus steps we have to walk down and then back up. IMG_5967IMG_5968. At the first rest landing, a Ranger pointed out a Peregrine Falcon on the rocks above us. IMG_5970IMG_5971. We made it down and the back up the stairs, not without some huffing and puffing. IMG_5974. These little flowers required a close-up. IMG_5980. As we walked back to the car, we got another look at the falcon. IMG_5982IMG_5983.


After eating our Subway sandwiches, we drove to Castle rock where we could see seals and elephant seals. IMG_5984IMG_5986IMG_5988IMG_5993IMG_5994.


Mack at the house, I will type at you later.

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