Monday, January 14, 2013


Today is the 14th, and I was going to publish this blog last night, but I had to finish my book.  I was getting too close to the end and it was so good.  It was Tom Clancy’s “Threat Vector”.  So, after reading Sharon Del Rosario’s blog comment that I would have pictures of the burros.  Here it is.

Marilyn has started a garden on our dashboard.  A few days ago, she and Sharon Del Rosario found these little daisies at a flea market.  They have a solar cell that allows them to move back and forth, and flap their leaves up and down.  They were 2 for $5.  Don paid for them and told Marilyn it was an Xmas present.IMG_20130114_111201_573IMG_20130114_111316_194

Yesterday, the 13th, we drove the Jeep up to Lake Havasu City to see the London Bridge.  It was purchased in 1968, dismantled and brought to Lake Havasu City.  The Visitor Center has a series of pictures showing the bridge in London over the years with buildings on it along with heads of those committing treason on spikes.  Other pictures show the bridge being rebuilt in the desert.  Then a channel was dug to bring water from Lake Havasu to flow under the desert’s London Bridge.

The first thing we saw as we walked up the Bridge Water Channel Beach was this  copy of the Buffalo, NY Lighthouse, which thrilled Marilyn. DSC05832DSC05833  There are several lighthouses around Lake Havasu, but we did not get close enough to get more pictures.

Here are some views of the bridge. DSC05834DSC05835DSC05838DSC05840DSC05846

Other than knowing that it was erected from the dismantled London Bridge, from the top, it is just another bridge to drive over with two lanes in each direction.  Of course, until it was erected here in the desert, there was no water channel for it to span – just dirt.

On our way back to Parker, AZ, we stopped to see the Parker Dam on the Colorado River.  The road over the dam is narrow, so no trucks, RV’s, etc. are allowed to drive over.  A semi passed us going the towards the dam, and next thing we see is the same semi, having turned around, going the other way.  DSC05848DSC05849  Since we had driven across the Parker Dam, we were on the California side of the Colorado River.  So we drove along that side of the River, stopping to take pictures along the way.  Marilyn took this picture of a burro out the passenger side window.  I had pulled over on the shoulder right next to him.  DSC05850  Next I walked across the road to take pictures of these new Golf Course Hazards.  DSC05851DSC05852

Type at you later.

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