Friday, January 25, 2013

2013-01-24 & 25

On the 24th, I went to breakfast at Carl Jr'’s with the Orr’s, Pinner’s and Fradette’s, and then I gathered some of our bills to pay next month.  I also set up access to Chapter 16’s bank account and bill pay on line.  Dinner was at 3pm.  Molly made taco soup and everyone else brought sides.  Marilyn made her sopapilla cheese cake pie, which was delicious as always.  IMG_20130124_150701_032  Mark brought out some beer before dinner, and mead for after dinner – great.  Dennis brought out a map to show routes around Alaska to those going with him in 2014.  IMG_20130124_163957_593IMG_20130124_164050_665

Today, the 25th, Marilyn and I went to breakfast with Susie Orr at La Mesa for a biscuit and sausage gravy.  We came back to the Alaska gathering place, and moved one mile to the RV School Alumni gathering place.  Then it was lunch time, so Marilyn and I went back to La Mesa for another free lunch.  It was tuna noodle, carrot slaw and a piece of corn bread.  We met Frank and Gloria King, so we had great company for lunch.  Then we went shopping in the flea market tents where we bought me a wallet, another solar light, and a jacket for Marilyn.  IMG_20130125_153728_604  Returning to the house, I talked with Dennis and Garry for a while. Then it started to rain.  We all ate in, instead of going to a restaurant.

Type at you later.

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