Wednesday, January 2, 2013


Today was a short breezy day from just East of El Paso to Dream Catcher (the Escapees RV park in Demming, NM),  We took the loop (TX 375) around El Paso instead of driving straight through like we had done in the past.  Our first stop was the National Border Patrol Museum.  It is a nice little free museum, and it was high on our list since our son (Doug) had been a Border Patrol Agent from 1999 to 2008 at Naco Station, Naco, AZ (the station is now named the Brian Terry Station).  It is a nice little museum (not funded by the Federal government) if you have any interest in those who protect our borders.  I took a number of pictures at the Border Patrol Museum.  This is the entrance.IMG_20130102_103141_811

Inside are a number of vehicles used by the Border Patrol over the years.  IMG_20130102_103611_049IMG_20130102_103631_018IMG_20130102_103910_365IMG_20130102_104156_148IMG_20130102_104207_176

If you have ever been involved with any of the uniformed services that protect our country, you know how important the memorial walls are to those who are left behind (we were lucky to tour the Pentagon before 911, and saw their memorial wall to those who received the Medal of Honor).  Here are pictures of the Border Patrol’s Memorial Wall at the National Border Patrol Museum in El Paso, TX. IMG_20130102_103949_704IMG_20130102_104108_120IMG_20130102_104118_853

Here is a zoomed in picture of Brian A Terry for whom the Naco Station is now named after, and who has been in the news so much because of US distributing guns to Mexicans.  IMG_20130102_103949_704-001  He was a wonderful friend to our son, and will be remembered for a long time.

We continued our loop journey around El Paso, and, as we climbed the mountain, our Phaeton dropped into second gear a couple of times.  Most of the climb was in third at 35, but there were those 25s.

At mile post zero (that was 882 miles across I-10 in Texas), we stopped at the Flying J for fuel, and then stopped again 2 miles later at the New Mexico welcome center for lunch.  Next slow down was the construction followed by the Border Patrol check station (we did not have to stop, but we did have to slow down).  Despite the constant wind, we arrived at Dream Catcher in Demming, NM about 2:30pm Mountain Standard Time.  Smiling (not) Jim & Penny Scott checked us in (they did not remember us).

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