Wednesday, January 16, 2013


On Monday the 14th, the Chapter 21 rally in Parker, AZ continued.  It was cold and windy.  We had coffee and pastries in the pavilion, followed by sub sandwiches for lunch there.  The burn-your-own potluck was cancelled due to the weather, so we ate in. 

Tuesday, the 15th, the chapter had its business meeting after breakfast.  Afterwards, Marilyn and I went in to Parker to do laundry and get a layer of dirt off the Jeep.  At 3pm, the chapter had a Polar Bear Party.  They mixed Kahlua, Vodka and vanilla ice cream in a blender.  Delicious drinks.  Don Del Rosario drove our Jeep to dinner.  He was our designated driver.  We went back to Maya’s with the Del Rosario’s and Kings for more Mexican fare.

Then today, we the rally was over, so we drove to Quartzsite for the Escapees Happy Hour hosted by Denny and Susie Orr in the desert on BLM (Bureau of Land Management) land.  Everyone is boondocking in the desert.  We saw many of our Western friends, and a few of our Eastern ones.  Here are a few pictures of the happy crowd.  DSC05854DSC05856DSC05861DSC05862DSC05908DSC05909DSC05910DSC05934

Everyone had a great time, and Bobbi did not sing the blues. DSC05929

We went to dinner with Marsha and Lee Squires, Bob and Molly Pinner, Ron & Jerrylea Hopf at Grubsteak Café.

Type at you later.

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