Sunday, January 20, 2013

2013-01-18, 19 & 20

This morning we went to La Mesa’s RV Sales Lot for a free breakfast – delicious biscuit and sausage gravy.  Then we headed to Blythe, California to pick up our General Delivery mail at the Post Office.  On the way back, we stopped to look at area rugs, but did not find one we liked.  At 3:30pm, we had a wonderful potluck dinner with our Escapees friends here in Quartzsite.  Then we all sat around the fires and discussed ???until it was time to go in for the night due to cooling off.  These are panorama pictures of the crowd sitting around the fire.   IMG_20130118_180819_281IMG_20130118_182736_751

Saturday the 19th, we again went to La Mesa’s free breakfast – pancakes this time.  Then it was time to go to the RV Show in the big tent.  The tent has 3 extremely long rows of vendors. I am not sure if there are as many or more vendors than we have seen at the Tampa RV Super Show.  Marilyn and I were shopping for a new tow bar to replace our Blue Ox Aventa II tow bar that we had purchased in 2003.  For about the past three years, when we had Blue Ox service our old tow bar, they have been telling us that our tow bar was too old with too many miles on it, and they would not continue to service it.  We also had to shop for a new auxiliary brake system for our Jeep when it is towed behind the motorhome.  We looked at Roadmaster’s tow bar and brake system for a package deal of $2100, and I did not like the new brake system that they were pushing.  We liked the new Blue Ox tow bar at $695 plus tax.  Demco wanted $850 for their top of the line tow bar.  I liked the AirForce One brake system, which they quoted at $1500 installed.  After shopping, Marilyn and I went back to La Mesa for a free lunch of hotdogs sauerkraut, macaroni salad and bread pudding.  The dog and the salad were very good, and free.   We again had a nice 4pm social hour.  For dinner, Dennis suggested the $1 taco stand on the corner of 95 and Keuhn Road.  They were delicious.

Today, the 20th, La Mesa gives its people a day off, so there were no free breakfasts or lunches.  After eating breakfast at home, Marilyn and I headed back to the RV Show’s Big Tent where we purchased the SMI auxiliary brake system, and the Blue Ox Tow Bar, before returning to the motorhome.  SMI said that its installers would be finished and come to our place sometime after 11:30am.  They arrived just after 11am.  So, we now have a new tow bar that I installed, and a working auxiliary brake system.  Next we joined the Orr’s, the Hill’s and Mike & Barbara for Walla Walla Hamburgers being served amongst the flea market tents.  They caramelized the onions and served them with 1/4 lb. burgers – wonderful.  After lunch, I removed our old non-working US Gear auxiliary brake system – it had served us faithfully for 9 years, and then we went for a walk.  After the 4pm happy hour, Denny Orr, Mark Nemeth and Dennis Hill burned some marshmallows using Denny Orr’s new fancy stick that turns them over with a shake of the stick.  Denny also grilled some hotdogs.  We opted for soup and a sandwich for dinner.


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