Sunday, January 6, 2013

2013-01-05 & 06

We left Benson in the middle of a dense fog advisory.  The fog was very unusual to us because it was caused by the frost on the ground and trees.  Visibility was sufficient.  When we stopped for propane in Lordsburg at the Flying J, Marilyn suggested that I take a picture of the frost on one of the bushes.  IMG_20130105_112746_652

We arrived in Benson, AZ between 2 and 3pm.  Marilyn called Sharon Del Rosario, and Don met us in the driveway to Cochise Terrace.  They led us back to a lot near their own, which is very nice.  Marilyn parked the rig with my directions.  IMG_20130106_114002_995  At 4:30pm, we gathered at Don and Sharon’s for happy hour followed by dinner.  Bob and Barbara Williams, along with Bob and Molly Pinner joined the crowd.  We had our cocktails around Don’s new fire pit. IMG_20130105_170006_969  For dinner, Don cooked his famous tri-tip steaks.  IMG_20130105_173021_773  Don’s steak, Molly’s salad, potatoes and rolls, were delicious, and we all sat around discussing everything afterwards.IMG_20130105_200905_745

Tonight, the 6th, Marilyn and I had another wonderful happy hour and dinner with Sharon and Don.  Marilyn brought a salad and avocado salad dressing, and Don made tri-tip steak “Trash” or hash with potatoes and veggies.  Another wonderful meal with great conversation.  Marilyn and Sharon went out for pictures of the sunset (Marilyn took ours on the phone).IMG_20130106_173604_140IMG_20130106_173616_254IMG_20130106_174123_744  Cochise Terrace is a wonderful park to buy an RV lot in.  It is high up on US 90 overlooking Benson and the surrounding mountains.

Type at you later.

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  1. You left Deming yesterday morning, but most folks will figure that out! It's great to have you two here and we look forward to our mutual travels.